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Volume-10 ~ Issue-9

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1. Flexible Pavement Structural Evaluation And Pavement Maintenance And Rehabilitation
Vankar Vijay R., Dr. L. B. Zala, Dr.P. N. Patel, Prof. A. A. Amin
01-07 pdf pdf
2. Comparative Analysis of Multi-Storey Building by Response Spectrum Method and Time History Analysis in Different Seismic Zones
Shreya Navalgund
08-17 pdf pdf
3. An Innovational Safety Perspective For Reliability Assessment Of Fire Extinguisher Considering Multiplicity Events
K.Velusamy, G.Manikandan, R.H.Raajkumar
18-21 pdf pdf
4. E-Waste Management And It's Challenges: Lessons To Be Shared Across The World
Mohit Goel, Dr.Preeti Agrawal
22-34 pdf pdf
5. An Optimization Model to Relocate Ambulance
Mohammad Irfan Fahmi
35-39 pdf pdf
6. Online Voting System Using Blockchain Technology
Ashish ND, Smt Madhu Nagaraj
40-45 pdf pdf
7. Calculation and Simulation of Single Screw Extruder Metering zone for polypropylene using Ansys Polyflow
Arman.M.A. Ahmed, A.I. Seedahmed
46-54 pdf pdf
8. Influence of Foil Thickness and Bump's Height-Pitch Ratio on Airfoil Bearing- an Analytical Approach
Bivash Chakraborty, Prasun Chakraborti
55-59 pdf pdf
9. Wear Behaviour of Al6061-B4C-SiC Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
Nenavath Gajanlal Naik, P. Anand Kumar, P.Naresh
60-69 pdf pdf
10. A Study on Women Role in Agricultural Sector in Thiruvallur District
J.GIRIPRASAD, Dr.D.Vezhaventhan
70-77 pdf pdf
11. Secondary education and 3D printing. The case of a technical vocational school in Greece
Apostolos Kaltsas
78-81 pdf pdf
12. Experimental Study on Effect of Silt content on the Strength of Concrete
Sumed W Shaikh, G.N.Shete
82-88 pdf pdf
13. Daily Prediction of Short-Term Trends of Crude Oil Prices Using EMD and Bp Neural Network
Dr. S. Naveen Kumar, K. Suneel
89-96 pdf pdf
14. A Novel Credit Card Fraud Detection Based On Ensemble Learning Algorithms
Dr. S.Naveen Kumar, K. Jaswanth
97-104 pdf pdf
15. A Sipmple Policy Update System for Sharing Outsourced Personal Health Records
Mr.D Surendra, B.Neelima
105-114 pdf pdf
16. Prediction of Upstaged Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning
Dr. S. Naveen Kumar, S. Sharone Rose
115-121 pdf pdf
17. Fake Profile Identification in Large Scale Online Networks Using Ann
Dr. S Naveen Kumar, Sk. Kousar
122-129 pdf pdf
18. Numerical modeling by finite elements of a cylindrical pressure vessel made of composite material
Diana Yulieth Soto Pineda, Jairo Andrés Paredes López
130-144 pdf pdf
19. Vehicle To Vehicle Communication
Anu George, Abja K J, Nasla Jaleel, Shahinshad O, Vennila K R
145-150 pdf pdf
20. Determination of Energy Requirement for the Design of a 250 kg Capacity Tray Dryer for Instant Pounded Yam Flour
J. O. Adekunle, Bayode J. Olorunfemi
151-158 pdf pdf
21. A Term Paper Review Report On a Solar Cooling System
159-165 pdf pdf
22. Zero Field Splitting Parameters of Mn2+ doped CCA Single Crystal
Ram Kripal
166-171 pdf pdf
23. High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatographic Method Development and Validation of Mirabegron in Tablet Dosage Form
Chirag H. Dhamal, Foram H. Vaghela, Kanji D. Kachhot, Hitendra S. Joshi
172-177 pdf pdf
24. Mechanically Operated Reciprocating Ventilator: A Review
Dr. P. G. Mehar, Dr. S. R. Ikhar, Er. V. D. Dhopte, Siddhant R. Motghare
178-183 pdf pdf
25. A New Model for Detecting Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions Using Deep Learning Algorithms
Dr.D.J.Samatha Naidu, Tugutla Sainath
184-186 pdf pdf
26. A Cnn Based Methodology to Analysis and Recognition Using Open Source Computer Vision
Mr. A Venkateswarlu, SK. Shafi
187-191 pdf pdf
27. Comparative Evaluation Of Treatment For Dry Socket Using Zinc Oxide Eugenol Pack Versus Irrigation With Saline & Fresh Bleeding In Socket
Dr. Krushika .S. Pawar, Dr. Prashant .A. Punde
192-196 pdf pdf
28. Details of Nematic Phase Transition and Nematic Range of 5OCB Liquid Crystal using Logger Pro
Juliana Mello, Dipti Sharma
197-217 pdf pdf
29. Effect of Reheating and Ramp Rates on Phase Transitions of 5OCB Liquid Crystal using Logger Pro
Juliana Mello, Dipti Sharma
218-236 pdf pdf
30. Predicting flight delay swith error calculation by using machine learned classifiers
D. Surendra, K. Sai Gowtham
237-249 pdf pdf
31. Comparison of Classifiers for the Prediction of Liver Cancer Disease
Gururaj Kulkarni, Sanjeev Sannakki, Vijay S.Rajpurohit
250-254 pdf pdf
32. Formulation and Evaluation of Anti-Wrinkle Herbal Cream Containing Daucus Carota
Rajashree Rayappa Halanwar, Dr. Mithun G.Maniyar
255-259 pdf pdf
33. Aerostatic Thrust Bearing with Small Feed Holes – An Overview
Bivash Chakraborty, Prasun Chakraborti
260-266 pdf pdf
34. Perform, Captivate: Its Effectiveness In Learning Science
Joanne F. Gabayeron
267-273 pdf pdf
35. Development of Wheat Bran Flakes Incorporate with Pomegranate and Pumpkin Seeds
Goutami Hadimani, Dr.Shilpa Jigajinni, Tejaswini M, Savita H
274-304 pdf pdf
36. Fabrication and Simulation of Shape Memory Alloys by Using ANSYS
P. VENKATARAMAIAH, N. Rajesh, P. Monisha
305-314 pdf pdf
37. Structural and Electronic properties of Al and Pt wires: A DFT study
Kumar Saurabh Yadav, B.S. Bhadoria, Jitendra Kumar
315-319 pdf pdf
38. IoT based MLI for PV Applications: A Review and Analysis
Sami Uz Zaman, Syed Mohammad Anas
320-324 pdf pdf
39. Adsorption Studies of Methylene Blue Dye on Activated Carbon Derived From Biowaste Material
D. Kibami
325-333 pdf pdf
40. Efficacy of Vitamin C in treatment of Gingival Hyperpigmentation: A Case Report
Dr.Treena Kabiraj, Dr.Ellora Madan
334-336 pdf pdf
41. Genetic Diversity Study in Bunch Groundnut [Arachis hypogaea L.]
A. V. Modhvadiya, S. M. Makwana, M. H. Sapovadiya, V. H. Kachhadia
337-340 pdf pdf
42. Forecasting the Term Structure of Crude Oil Future Prices with Dynamic Neural Networks
Dr. S Naveen Kumar, SK. Hasif
341-348 pdf pdf
43. To assess the effect of dry period on subsequent production and reproduction performance ofHoldeo (Holstein Friesian x Deoni) straightbreds
Miss Sonali Mahadev Patil, Jayashri Lahanuji Bagesar, Sachin Dharmpal Naik
349-356 pdf pdf
44. Clean milk production is a need of the hour
Miss Sonali Mahadev Patil, Jayashri Lahanuji Bagesar, Sachin Dharmpal Naik
357-358 pdf pdf
45. A Case Study on Earthern Embankment Protection Techniques
Anju Mary Ealias
359-366 pdf pdf
46. Unearthing Non-Revenue Water Management strategies in Commercial Water Utilities in Zambia. The Case of Southern Water and Sanitation Company in Livingstone
Patrick Siyumbelo, Godfrey Hampwaye
367-375 pdf pdf
47. A novel time-based seed generation algorithm by means of a knowledge graph
VSK Sindhura, YJahnavi
376-383 pdf pdf
48. Analysis of Performance of Harrison T300 Lathe by Static and Dynamic Testing
I Dewa Made Pancarana, I Made Rajendra, Aldi Novianto
384-394 pdf pdf
49. ECG signal Classification using Machine Learning Techniques
Gayathri Sampath, Ayishabanu Syed Ibrahim, L. Malathi, N. Mohanapriya, Omkar Ashok Banne, J. John Rozario Jegaraj
395-403 pdf pdf
50. Trajectory Study of Indoor Blind People
Anshuo Shi
404-407 pdf pdf
51. Designing of Implantable Patch Antenna for Human Health Monitoring
Mr. Shailendra Patel, Ms. Bhawna Trivedi
408-413 pdf pdf
52. Impact of MGNREGA on Tribal Economy: A Case Study on the Village Chaupahari Jangal
Arindam Mondal
414-419 pdf pdf
53. Study of advantages of Massive MIMO for 5G Communication
Mr. Prashant Sharma, Mrs. Balkiran Kaur
420-424 pdf pdf
54. Factors influence the Cost effectiveness in PEB & Conventional Buildings
Ms. Shalaka Patil, Prof. Dr.M.B.Kumthekar
425-429 pdf pdf
55. Physical properties of 4-n-pentyl-4′-cyanobiphenyl (n=9,10,11,12) under the effect of external field: A DFT study
Divya Darshan Tiwari, Priya Shrivastava, A.K. Dwivedi
430-433 pdf pdf
56. Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Technology Transformation for Biopharmaceutical Industry: Taking Conba Company as an Example
Hua Wang, Jian Yu
434-438 pdf pdf
57. A survey study on acceptance of spirulina-based beverage mix over malted-health drinks
Swati S Gavimath, Dr. Sharada P
439-449 pdf pdf
58. An interesting subclass constructed using a new parameter of an already defined class of regular functions and its coefficient inequality
Gurmeet Singh, Konika
450-453 pdf pdf
59. Comparative Study on the sensory score of soft drink prepared from different type of chhana whey
Dr. Devesh Gupta
454-455 pdf pdf
60. Study of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Planktons of Water Samples From Taraori Pond And Karna Lake, Karnal (Haryana)
Anjali Garg, Dr. Anita Bhatnagar, Dr. Oshin Dhillon
456-464 pdf pdf
61. Effect on Stability and Swell Characteristics of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Blended With Egg Shell Ash
William R.E., E.O. Ekwulo, E.A. Igwe
465-471 pdf pdf
62. Spectroscopic and Electronic properties of PYP609 liquid crystal molecule: A DFT study
Priya Shrivastava, Divya Darshan Tiwari, A.K. Dwivedi
472-476 pdf pdf
63. Leachate treatment using up flow reactors with low cost waste adsorbent materials
Dr. G. B. Megeri, Jyoti Dodamani
477-482 pdf pdf
64. Investigations on the Effect of Silica Nanoparticles on Polyamide Coated PVDF Hollow Fiber Membranes
Yomna O. Mostafa, Kamal A. Abed, Nahed A. El Mahallawy, Mohammed H. Sorour, Mahmoud A. El-Bayoumi
483-492 pdf pdf
65. Detection of Heart Failure and Arrhythmia Using Stacked Auto Encoded
Dr.DJ.Samatha Naidu, P.Sai Krishna
493-496 pdf pdf
66. Effect of Special Shaped Column Cross Section with Bracing on Response Modification Factor of Reinforced Concrete Building
Susen Rajendra pawarιs, Rohankumar Choudhary
497-499 pdf pdf
67. Estimation of pesticide residues in water samples by employing voltammetry
S.Rajasekhar Reddy
500-501 pdf pdf
68. Development and Standardisation of Edible Bowls by Utilization of Citrus Peel and Pulp
Jaiswal Stuti, Paul Virginia
502-504 pdf pdf
69. A Study on Domestic Violence Against Women In India
505-524 pdf pdf
70. Spectroscopic analysis of 2, 5-Disubstituted Pyridine Derivatives: Part I
Krishna Jaiswal, Janardan Prasad Pandey
525-529 pdf pdf
71. Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Pulse Jet Engine
G. Karnajothi, A. Sabarinathan
530-534 pdf pdf
72. A Study on Customer Satsifaction Towords Bsnl, Tirupati
535-538 pdf pdf
73. Soft Target Vehicles for active evaluation of ADAS Testing
539-546 pdf pdf
74. Numerical Simulation of Low Temperature on Performance of Pneumatic Piston Motor
547-551 pdf pdf
75. A Study on Cash Flow Analysis in Vital Pvt Ltd, Tada
Y.Narendra, Dr.K.Haritha
552-556 pdf pdf
76. Productivity Improvement of Shopfloor Process Through Lean Management
Vishal R, Ina Kakal, Kiran V, Anusha Y, Shruthi MN
557-565 pdf pdf
77. Academic Performance of Students in the Polytechnic and its Influencing Factors: A Gender Based Analysis
Gbemisola Ajoke Akinola, Seqeenah Olagoke-Salami
566-571 pdf pdf
78. Erosion and sedimentation: The case of Mwembeshi stream in Chilanga District, Zambia
Kapila Liteta Biggie, Siyumbelo Patrick
572-576 pdf pdf
79. The Construction of Sustainable Alternative Processes From The Emerging Paradigm
Ricardo O. Russo, Marisa D. Russo
577-581 pdf pdf
80. Effect of β-cyclodextrin on properties of gels based on modified cellulose
Sidan Li, Yuejing Bin, Weidong Wang, Gongbing Sun, Shihua Xu, Xueyang Huang, Siji Chen, Meiyuan Li, Qiongan Meng, Yuan Yuan
582-588 pdf pdf
81. Iot Based Tri-Smart Health Monitoring And Tracking System
V. Harsha Vardhan, Dr. A. Mallikarjun Prasad
589-596 pdf pdf
82. A Study related to Radiation Exposure with special reference to Radon
Yatender Rajput, Deepak Kumar, Meenakshi
597-608 pdf pdf
83. A Study on Water Pollution And Its Causes
M.Yuva Prasanna, Dr. R. Chandrasekar
609-618 pdf pdf
84. Fekete Szego Inequality For A Complicated Class Of Analytic Functions Approaching To A Class In The Limit Form And Other Class Directly
Gurmeet Singh
619-624 pdf pdf
85. A Study on Digital Divide Stark Differences in the Right of Online Learning During Pandemic In India
Shakil Ahmed.F.R, Ms. SHYLAJA.S
625-635 pdf pdf
86. Research on model of fin-and-tube heat exchanger based on experimental data
Zhao Heng
636-642 pdf pdf
87. Experimental Research on Diffusion Distribution of Oil Mist Particles in Large Space Industrial Workshop
Yang Qingbo
643-647 pdf pdf
88. Improved Exponential Estimator For Estimating The Product Of Two Population Means Using Auxiliary character
Saurabh Kumar
648-653 pdf pdf
89. Uplink Resource Allocation Scheme for Improved Interference Mitigation for Device -to – Device Communication Underlay Cellular Network
Obidike, Anthony Ifeanyi, Nwabueze, C. A, Akanem, S.A, Mbachu, C.B
654-665 pdf pdf
90. Awareness on Comprehensive Sexuality Education among Junior High School TeachersTowards the Designing of Teacher's Training Modules
Gulane, Josylyn P., Correa, Mary Grace G., Bandong, Joelyn G.
666-674 pdf pdf