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Volume-8 ~ Issue-1

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1. Brazilian Coastal Region Modeling with WRF/SMOKE/CMAQ and Atmospheric Parameter Measurement Validation with Radio Probing, Sodar and Lidar
Ayres G. Loriato, Nadir Salvador, Ayran Ayres Barbosa Loriato, Eric G. SperandioNascimento, Davidson M. Moreira, NeyvalC. Reis. Jr., Anton Sokolov, Eduardo Landulfo, Taciana T. de A. Albuquerque
01-14 pdf pdf
2. An AGV Parallel mechanism unloading device constructed by Position and Orientation Characteristics(POC) Theory
Qingshan Wang, LubinHang, Wei Liang
15-26 pdf pdf
3. For Preserving Architecture, It Is a Must to Display Its Destruction
Maysa Osman Khider
27-29 pdf pdf
4. Analysis of Overburned Brick in Concrete as a Coarse Aggregate
Buddhi Raj Joshi
30-41 pdf pdf
5. 3D carbon-based nanostructured thin films by means of vertical spray casting: a disruptive method to design high performance electrodes for fuel cell
Hongtao Long, Doriane DelFrari, Joffrey Didierjean, Vincent Rogé, Marc Michel
42-47 pdf pdf
6. Multilayered Carbon nanotubes/polydopamine-based electrodes for hydrogen fuel cells: effect of polydopamine coverage rates on power densities
Hongtao Long, Doriane Del Frari, Vincent Rogé, Joffrey Didierjean, Marc Michel
48-55 pdf pdf
7. Smart Technology: Tools to Bridge the Skill-Gap and bring in new workers
56-59 pdf pdf
8. RFID and the Supply Chain of Today
Michael E Johnson MAS, Dr Ian McAndrew PhD
60-64 pdf pdf
9. Effect of milling parameters on surface roughness in end milling of cycloidal gear based on response surface method
Jingyu MO, Shanming LUO, Lingxia MAO, Jianmin XU
65-74 pdf pdf
10. Mosque Architecture in Wad Medani Town -Sudan
Maysa Osman Khider
75-84 pdf pdf
11. Interaction of Butanenitrile with 1,2-dichloroethane using Microwaves at 25oC
I.G. Shere
85-88 pdf pdf
12. Study on Anchorage Bond in High Strength Reinforced Concrete Beams
P.V.S. Vara Prasad, Surajit Pattanaik
89-96 pdf  
13. Automobile Working on Addition of HHO Fuel to Improve the Efficiency of IC Engine
Saroj Kumar Pradha, Sasmita Tripathy
97-105 pdf  
14. Design and Analysis of DC-DC Boost Converter
Sangram Keshari Sahoo, Pinaki Prasanna Srichandan, Debendra Kumar Sahoo, Smitasree Jena
106-111 pdf  
15. A Comparative Study of Power Inverter Topology and Control Structures for Renewable Energy Recourses
Dr. Khirod Kumar Rout, Sandip Kar Mazumdar, Sagarika Patro, Poonam Tripathy
112-119 pdf