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Volume-8 ~ Issue-9

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1. A comparative study between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management (HRM VS PM)
Leon C. Megginson
01-05 pdf pdf
2. Laboratory test in gresultsto problems of incomplete lyobserved modeling dynamics for initial-boundary distributed spatialtemporal processesper turbations
Volodymyr Stoyan, Kateryna Palamarchuk, Larysa Liashenko
06-13 pdf pdf
3. Brand Operation Strategy and Data Analysis Based on Online Shopping Behavior of College Students
Li He, Shi Tao, LiuQichao
14-20 pdf pdf
4. Synthesis and characterization of La2NiMnO6 nanoparticles at low temperature
P. S. R. Murthy, Ciano Fernandes, Shubham Gaonkar, Samruddhi Azrekar, Apoorba Singh
21-25 pdf pdf
5. A Systematic Literature Review on Adoption of Digital Twins in Manufacturing
Ninad Sawant, Vaibhav Narwane, Irfan Siddavatam
26-31 pdf pdf
6. Modified Beavers and Joseph Condition in the Study of Flow through Composite Porous Layers
Roberto Silva-Zea, M.H. Hamdan, Romel Erazo-Bone, Fidel Chuchuca-Aguilar, Kenny Escobar-Segovia
32-37 pdf pdf
7. Fire Simulation And Disaster Prevention Education System By Mixed Reality
Xingrun Shen,Kazuyosi Yoshino,Shanjun Zhang
38-45 pdf pdf
8. Identification of Three Isolate Fungal To Produce Agarwood Sapwood on Gyrinops Versteegii (Gilg.) Domke Plant By Molecular Analysis
I M. Mega, I N. Rai, I M. Adnyana, I M. Sudana, N.L . Kartini
46-53 pdf pdf
9. Pose-Attention Networks for 2D Skeleton-Based Action Recognition in Videos
Gaofeng Li, Songlin Wang
54-59 pdf pdf
10. Minerals And Mining Policies In Nigeria: Implications On Sustainable Growth And National Development
Nandom Abu, Suleiman Abba Tahir, Ibrahim, H.D,
60-72 pdf pdf


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11. Statistical Analysis of the Knowledge and Accessibility of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Among Patients in Lagos State
Okorafor, U., Are, S. O.
01-08 pdf pdf
12. Augmented Markov Chain Model for monitoring Tuberculosis Disease
Fadiji A. A., Adewara, J. A., Okorafor, U., Abe, J.B., Badmus, N. I., Amusa, S. O.
09-15 pdf pdf
13. Socio Demographic Analysis of the Attitude of Hiv/Aids Patients to Anti – Retroviral Medicines
Okorafor, U., Abe J. B., Badmus, N. I., Karokatose, G. B., Ogunjirin, O.
16-21 pdf pdf
14. Governance of water in urban areas
E.Lalitha Reddy, Ar.Ramesh Raghavendran
22-29 pdf pdf
15. Review on the management of rheumatoid Arthritis
Pratyush Kumar jha
30-44 pdf pdf
16. Measurement of Fitness of Aviation Personnel of SAB System : Acquisition of Resting Heart Beat and Comparison of Males & Females
Mohd Harridon, Nik Muhammad Hasif, Mohamad Asri Mahmud, Kamarul Azemi Makhtar
45-50 pdf pdf
17. Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Binary Compound Cadmium Telluride Thin Films
J. V. Dhanvij
51-54 pdf pdf
18. Degreasing of Metal & Alloys Surfaces with Alkaline Chemical
Sanjay Kumar Vishwakarma, Dr. Niraj Saxena, Dr. Pankaj Gupta
55-59 pdf pdf