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Volume-2 ~ Issue-8 ~ August 2014

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1. PID Compensator Control Scheme of Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter with ZVS Logic Circuit
Nivya K Chandran, Mary P Varghese
2. Application Of The Three-In-One Control Platform Based On OPC In The Lifting-Sliding Stereo Garage
Zhou Qilin, Lei Juyang, Zhang Lanlan, Wang Yudong
3. Analysis On Common Hydraulic Speed-Limit And Locking Circuits Used In Construction Machinery
Xing Chen,Liming Yao,Yizhou Ye
4. A Numerical Integration Scheme For The Dynamic Motion Of Rigid Bodies Using The Euler Parameters
Najib A. Kasti
5. Independent Control Of Active And Reactive Powers From
DFIG By Logic Fuzzy

S. Mansouri And A. Benatillah
6. Interpreting Health Status Of Indian Population Using Phase Angle As Health Parameter.
Munna Khan, Shabana Mehfuz and Ghazala Perveen Khan
7. Finite Element Simulation of Serrated Chip Formation in High Speed Cutting
Zhenguo Liu, Minghong Wang, Lei Wan