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Volume-2 ~ Issue-4 ~ April 2014

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1. Characteristics of Wet Coffee Processing Waste and Its Environmental Impact in Ethiopia
Asrat Gebremariam Woldesenbet1, Belay Woldeyes, Bhagwan Singh, Chandravanshi
2. Driver Alertness On Android With Face And Eye Ball Movements
Ms.K.Kowsalya, Ms.P.Aileen Chris
3. An Unobservable Secure On-Demand Routing With D-Worm Detection In MANET
Ms.V.Dharani Meenakshi, Ms.P.Aileen Chris
4. Plug In Generator To Produce Variant Outputs For Unique Data.
V Prasad, Routhu Siva Kumar, M Mamatha, Ch Jagadeesh Kumar
5. Robust Fuzzy Data Clustering In An Ordinal Scale Based On A
Similarity Measure

Yevgeniy Bodyanskiy, Oleksii Tyshchenko, Viktoriia Samitova
6. Power Aware Cluster to Minimize Load In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Anitha.K.M, Shobana. S, Aileen Chris. P
7. Comparison Of Multibody Dynamic Analysis Of Double Wishbone Suspension Using Simmechanics And FEA Approach
Anand Tandel, Suhas Deshmukh, Kirankumar Jagtap, Abhijeet Deshpande
8. A Method for Diagnosing the Condition of Energy Elements,
Control And Management Of Energy Efficiency Of Energetic
Consumption Systems

V.Karpov, T. Kabanen, J. Resev
9. Design With Solid works Software and Planning Calculation Analysis of Fire Tube Boiler With Lpg-Fuel For Oyster Mushroom Small Industries In Pacet, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia
Liza Rusdiyana, Sri Bangun S., Denny M.E. Soedjono, Eddy Widiyono, Suhariyanto
10. Mems Based Motor Fault Detection in Windmill Using Neural Networks
Neelam Kumari Kumawat, D. Nivea, R.Chandralekha
11. Study the effect of Mn2+ ions on the ac electrical properties of some iron doped phosphate glasses
A. G. Mostafaa, A.H. El-Dosokey, K. H. Idress and H. M. Goumaa