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Volume-1 ~ Issue-7 ~ November 2013

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1. Microstructure And Mechanical Properties of Nanoparticulate 
WC/Al Metal Matrix Composites

Amarnath. G, K.V. Sharma
2. Synthesis, Characterization and Study of Antioxidant Activities of Some New Pyrazoline Derivatives Containing Isatin Moiety
Kiran Dasary, Asha Lavania, Manju Yadav and Anita V K Anand
3. Legendre Wavelet for Solving Linear System of Fredholm And Volterra Integral Equations
M. A. Mohamed, M. Sh. Torky
4. AVTS Approach To Digital CMOS Circuits For Diminishing Complete Power Expenditure
S.Hari Prasath Sharma, G.Vishnu Sankar, S.M.K.Srikanth, Dharitri Ray
5. Sequence Entropy and the Complexity Sequence Entropy For ZnAction
B├╝nyamin AYDIN
6. Effect of LVOF Sprayed Coating in Oxidation & Hot Corrosion Performance of Boiler Steel SA-192 at Different Temperatures.
Vinay Kumar Sahu, Girish Gupta
7 Performance of Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor for Nitrate Removal
S. P. Burghate, Dr. N. W. Ingole