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Volume-2 ~ Issue-1 ~ January 2014

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1. Design and performance of Four-Stage Adsorption System
A.F.M. Mizanur Rahman, Y. Ueda, A. Akisawa, T. Miyazaki and B.B. Saha
2. About the Phasor Pathways in Analogical Amplitude Modulations
H.M. de Oliveira, F.D.Nunes
3. Spray Angle Expansion Method of a Twin-Fluid Atomizer for the Application to CO2absorption
Jiafeng Yao, Michio Sadatomi, Akimaro Kawahara, Shinji Furusawa
4. Stable Ethernet TCP/IP Real Time Communication In Industrial Embedded Applications
Pramila P. Volvoikar, Hassan Ali Virani, Rajeev Jose
5. Relation between Energy Saving and Economic Indices of Company
T.Kabanen, V.Karpov
6. Analysis Of 3C-Sic Double Implanted MOSFET With Gaussian Profile Doping In The Drift Region For High Breakdown Voltage
Parag Parashar, Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee
7. Dynamic Simulation of a Hybrid Solar and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion System
Mohammad Ali Azghandi, Javad Rouhi, Roya Ahmadi