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Volume-8 ~ Issue-2

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1. The Role of Optical Fibres Infrastructure in Reinforcing the Adoption of 5G Networks in Nigeria
Muhammad Uthman, Farouq E. Shaibu, Bara'u Gafai Najashi
01-06 pdf pdf
2. Application of Principal Component Analysis to Ascertain the Beach Morphological Conditions Adjacent To a Major Port
M. Phani kumar, Prof. Y. Abbulu, Prof. P. Malleswararao
07-15 pdf pdf
3. Application of Diet Program Monitoring Using Intelligent System
Sri Widodo, Yeni Tri Utami, Riska Rosita
16-23 pdf pdf
4. A Comparative Simulation Study for the Adoption of a New Smart Check-In Cart in Airports
Mokhtar Kamel, Aly El-Domiaty, Khaled Ramzy
24-36 pdf pdf
5. Automated Irrigation System (AIS) In North-Western Nigeria
Francisca Ogwueleka, Bonett Gwazah
37-49 pdf pdf
6. Based on Sliding Mode Variable Structure Neural Network Tracking Control of Six Axis Laser Additive Manufacturing Robot
Yuliang Hu, Jiakai Ding, Xuejun Li, Dongming Xiao
50-56 pdf pdf
7. Application of Power Gating Mechanisim Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Protocol
Ujjwal Kumar Singh, Subhendu Sekhar Dash
57-62 pdf  
8. Study on the Air Heating for Injection Mold
Pallavi Chaudhury, Swetapadma Mishra
63-68 pdf  
9. An objective study of behavior of permanent magnet synchronous motor under abnormal conditions
J.Uday Bhaskar, Soumya Datta Mohanty, Abhishek Mohanty, Dheeraj Kumar
69-81 pdf  
10. Reference to the Brazil Boys and Spain Beggars: Human Genetic Engineering and Cloning
Dr.Bairagi Patra, Ratnamanjari Das, Bhabani Shankar Behera, Rashmi Rabindra
82-86 pdf