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Volume-8 ~ Issue-10

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1. Studies on Heavy Metal Contents in Surface Water Bodies Especially Futala (Telangkhedi) Lake, Nagpur Region, Maharashtra, India
Puri P.J., Awale L.S., Deharkar P.S.
01-13 pdf pdf
2. Impact Of Anthropogenic Activities Leading To Deterioration In Futala (Telangkhedi) Lake In Nagpur City
Awale L.S. , Puri P.J., Deharkar P.S.
14-27 pdf pdf
3. A study on occupational stress of bus drivers using chi square test
S.Rajakumar, R.Prasanna Sudarsanan, S.Muthusiva
28-34 pdf pdf
4. Agile Software Development: Novel Approaches for Software Development
Thota Sasi Vardhan, Dr N Linga Reddy
35-39 pdf pdf
5. Environmentally Sustainable Waste Water Treatment Management - A case study of Kanpur, India
Ashna Mehra, Dr. Akshey Bhargava
40-49 pdf pdf
6. Review an overview of Chitosan as a Potent Drug Delivery
Geeta Joshi, Payal Dudani
50-57 pdf pdf
7. Comparative Study of Wastewater Parameters before and After Treatment of WWTP –A Case Study
Kumar Chetan, Sharma Devender, Thakur Manisha, Sharma Chaman
58-63 pdf pdf
8. Efforts to Produce Siamese Orange Fruit All Year through Application of Flower-Inducing Substance and Calcium Fertilizer
Alit Astiari NK, Sulistiawati NPA, Rai IN
64-68 pdf pdf
9. A Brief Glimpse on Advancement OFCRISPER/Cas in Research
69-77 pdf pdf
10. बहुमुखी प्रतिभा के धनी आचार्य जानकी बल्लभ शास्त्री
डॉ विभा माधवी
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