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Volume-6 ~ Issue-2 ~ February 2018

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Instrumentation Assembly for Measuring Draughts of Subsoilers in Outdoor Soil Bin Facility
Odey, S. O., Manuwa, S. I., Ewetumo, T
01-10 pdf
2. Legality of Bitcoin as Transaction Payment in Indonesia
Sufmi Dasco Ahmad
11-15 pdf
3. Object Tracking with Similar Background and Color Histogram
Yuyang Zhang, Xiankun Sun, Meiyun Hao
16-22 pdf
4. Feature Parameter Extraction Techniques for Distributed Speech Recognition
Seung Ho Choi, Yong Ho Suk
23-25 pdf
5. Steady State Response to Moving Line Load in Generalized Thermoelastic Half-Space
N. Gangopadhyaya, N.C.Das
26-34 pdf
6. Capillary Moisture Content of RCA-Based Concretes with Different Powdery Components
Karol Urban, Alena Sicakova
35-39 pdf
7. Image Segmentation Techniques for the Multitude Regional Texture of Aerial and Natural Images
Sudhanshu Ranjan Diwedi, Monalisha Samal
40-45 pdf
8. Pneumatic Speed Control System with Friction Force Compensation
Mir Nasser Hussain, Prasanta Kumar Sahu
46-53 pdf
9. Generation of Second harmonic in periodically poled silica
Rakesh Mutukuru, Subhasmita Panigrahi, Ipsita Samal, Sanghamitra Rout
54-58 pdf
10. Electrochemistry remote experiment - galvanic cell - II
Arun Kumar Rath, Prakasini Pradhan, Subhasish Mohanty, Aruna Kumar, Rout
59-66 pdf