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Volume-6 ~ Issue-1 ~ January 2018

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. The Effect of Argon Pressure on Plate-Shape Electrodes Plasma Forming Behavior
Koten, David S., Badjowawo, Maria, Dana, Sumartini, Subiantoko, Arsono
01-12 pdf
2. Research On Road Detection Based On Improved RANSAC Algorithm
Ming Xu, Juan Zhang, Zhijun Fang
13-20 pdf
3. Vision Image Enhancement Using Optimized Retinex Algorithm
Gilbert Owusu-Amonoo Gyamfi, Dzagbletey Philip Ayiku, Heejune Ahn
21-25 pdf
4. Development of Profilometer for Measuring Area of Soil Disturbance by Narrow Tillage Tools
Odey, S. O., Manuwa, S. I.
26-32 pdf
5. Design of A Direct Driven Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator for Small Horizontal Axis wind Turbines
Aisha Sa'ad, Nnorom Achara, Rukaiya Abdullahi, Nwaiwu Uchechukwu, Samuel-Atuma Emmanuel A
33-41 pdf
6. The Iterative Control Improvement Scheme of Inverter Based on Pole Configuration
Shi Zhang WANG, Hong Tao SHAN, Yu JIANG, Ri Jing JIA
42-49 pdf
7. Preparation And Study of Mos2 Optoelectronic Devices
Junqi Qian, Duoying Zhang, Zhao Yang, Zhichao Zhang
50-54 pdf
8. IP Cores Interconnection Model Supporting Multiple Fullduplex Communications
Shimin, Mojinhui, Yiqingming
55-63 pdf
9. Modified Computer Work Related Mental Stressor Based On Stroop Color Test
Ayman A. Nassar, E. Elsamahy, A. Awadallah, M. H. Elmahalawy
64-69 pdf
10. Excitation Of Silicon Atom and Singly-Charged Ion In E–Si Collisions
Smirnov Yu.M
70-78 pdf
11. Evaluation of Lightweight Battery Control System in Campus Transit System with Field Test of Electric Bus
Chakradhar Karan, Rupali Mohanty
89-93 pdf
12. Experimental Study on Pozzolonic Properties of Selected Materials and their Replacement in Cement
Chandra Mouly Y.J., Manas Ranjan Mohapatra
94-98 pdf
13. A Python-based laboratory course for image and video signal processing on embedded systems
K.P.Senthil Kumar, Jhana Ranjan Sahoo, Ankita Panda, Rashmiprava Mishra
99-112 pdf
14. Implementation of MATLAB Modular Processing System for Biological Signals
Janmoni Borah, Rakesh Roshan Dhar, Madhulita Mohapatra, Salila Malla
113-125 pdf
15. Role of Livestock to Alleviate Poverty
Dr. Mojpal Singh
126-133 pdf
16. Development of the Animal Management and Husbandry Online Placement Tool
Dr. Mojpal Singh
134-141 pdf