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Volume-5 ~ Issue-6 ~ June 2017

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Polydopamine Formation In Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) + Montmorillonite Blends Allows To Produce Flexible And Robust Materials
Vincent BALL
01-07 pdf
2. Voltage Stability Analysis of Micro-grid Based on double Data Center
Wenbin Yan, Guohui Zeng, Taohua Yang, Shuaifan Wang
08-12 pdf
3. The Design of an MVB Communication Controller Based on an FPGA
SHI Yong-gang, YU Chao-gang
13-23 pdf
4. Design of Mechanical Fixture Based on Contact Thread Measuring Device
Fu Ben-gang, Cheng Wei-ming, Shang Wei
24-26 pdf
5. Investigations of Ultrasonic Vibration cutting of Ti-6Al-4V (TC4)
Zhang Jia-jia, Huang Tao, Dai Bang
27-31 pdf
6. Effectiveness of Using Integrated Circuit Design Interactive CD in the course EE503 - IC Fabrication and Packaging Technology
Mohd Sallehin Abas, Nor Winda Ismail
32-36 pdf
7. Research on Structural Design of New Type Buttoned Lithium Battery
Dongzheng Wang, Yu Zhang
37-41 pdf
8. Design and Research of Hadoop Distributed Cluster Based on Raspberry
Liang Chen, Liang Sun
42-47 pdf
9. Welding Path Planning of welding Robot Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
Huang Haijun, Wu Minghui, Wang Kangle
48-53 pdf
10. A Multistage Variation Analysis Model Based on Compliant Sheet Metal Assembly
Zhenghao Chen, Yanfeng Xing, Xuexing Li
54-60 pdf
11. A One-Dimensional Model of a False Aneurysm
Fredrik Berntsson, Matts Karlsson, Vladimir Kozlov, Sergey A. Nazarov
61-73 pdf
12. Studies on in-Doped Zno Transparent Conducting thin Films
Harishankar Kaushik, Mamta Sharma, anuradha Sharma, A K Tiwari
74-76 pdf


13. Research on wireless Deviation Mode of Foundation Pit Surveying System
HU Lei, LI Rong-zheng, ZAHNG Li-wen
01-05 pdf
14. Analysis of Inclinometer in Foundation Pit
Zhang Liwen, Li Rongzheng, Hu Lei
06-09 pdf
15. Data Quality Analysis of Different Receivers Based on Static Base Station
Wang Longlong, Zhou Zhifeng
10-14 pdf
16. Preliminary Studies of the Litho-Structural Evolution of Areas Around Obudu Northeast, Sheet 291, Southeastern Nigeria
Ajadi Jimoh, Yakubu Silas
15-31 pdf
17. Solar Powered Sprayer for Agricultural and Domestic Purpose
Ajadi Jimoh, Yakubu Silas
32-35 pdf
18. High-Pressure Common-Rail Fuel Injection System with Electronic Control System in Diesel Engine
Yu Tian, Peng Sun, Xueping Sun, Jiping Chen
36-41 pdf
19. Factors Influencing the Technical Condition of Automobile Steering System and Its Detection Technology Research
Xiaoxiao Cao, Minghai Duan, Qiyu Zhang, Xiaohui Chen
42-45 pdf
20. Provably Secure Authenticated Key Management Protocol Against De-Synchronization Attacks in the Intra-MME Handover
Khaled Khairy, Mainak Chatterjee
46-55 pdf
21. Devoid Web Application From SQL Injection Attack
Swati Yadav, Ms.Geeta
56-61 pdf
22. Research Progress of Phase Sensitive Optical Time Domain Vibration Sensing Technology
Xu Guo, Kong Yong, Xu Xueying, Liu Yang, Gao Ao
62-69 pdf
23. A Study on User Reliability Verification for Data Falsification Lenient Secure Spectrum
Sudhanshu Ranjan Diwedi, Jyostnamayee Behera
70-74 pdf
24. Deflection of Beams and Stress Analysis Using Different Types of Reinforcement
Velmurugan G, Sudeep Sudeep, Smrutirekha Giri, Debananda Behera
75-79 pdf
25. Nuclear magnetic resonance effect and adaptation
Padmalochan Panda, Uma Parida, Jitendra Kumar Kar,Subrat Kumar Biswal
80-83 pdf