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Volume-5 ~ Issue-5 ~ May 2017

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Development of Solar Energy and Gas Coupled Heat Supply System
Zhi Chaoying, Zhao Yuhano
01-05 pdf
2. Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Based On Multi-Dictionary Learning
ShiMin, ZhuFeng, YI Qing-Ming
06-14 pdf
3. Kinematics Analysis Of 8-UPS Parallel Robot Walking Mode
Cao Yindong, Xu Yong
15-19 pdf
4. Improvement in Strength of Concrete with Natural Fibers (Coir) & Artificial Fibers (Steel)
Pravin Vishnu Domke
20-24 pdf
5. GIS Automation in Ground Water Analysis
S. K. Singh, S.K. Tripathi, R.K. Prajapati
25-29 pdf
6. The Design of Multi-Platforms Rail Intelligence Flatness Detection System
Qian Yuan-yuan, Gao Fei, Sun Xian-kun, Zhu Lin-rong
30-35 pdf
7. Optimal Maintainability of Hydraulic Excavator Through Fmea/Fmeca
Vivek Kumar, Prof. Prakash Kumar
36-45 pdf
8. The Effect of Temperature on Aromatic Yield of Treated Heavy Naphthene From Bonga Aromatic Crude
I. J. Otaraku, I. L. Egun
46-50 pdf
9. Simulation and Experiment Study of Flow Field of Flow channel for Rectangular Hole in ECM Based on CFD
WU Jian-min
51-55 pdf
10. A New Type Reconfigurable Mobile Manufacturing Robot
Cheng Hao, Xu Yong
56-60 pdf


11. Based on The Robust Design of Gear Die Optimization
Rong Fei, liu Sheng
01-04 pdf
12. Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Improving Land Registration in Kenya
Robert Wayumba, Patricia Mwangi, Patrick Chege
05-11 pdf
13. Method of Fracture Surface Matching Based on Mathematical Statistics
Wang Yadong, Zhang Xu
12-15 pdf
14. Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Based on Pc-crash
Yan Zhang, FanFan
16-20 pdf
15. Predicting the Workability of Fresh Concrete Using Simple Pull-out Test
Ekwulo E.O, Igwe E. A
21-25 pdf
16. The Analysis of The Effect of System Parameters on the RV Reducer Dynamic Characteristics Based on ADAMS
Jindong Wang, Jianming Wu
26-35 pdf
17. Research on Power Quality Real-Time Monitoring System For High Voltage Switch Gear
Ni Shou-Bin, CHENG Wu-Shan, Min Li, Zhang Ke-Ping
36-41 pdf
18. Research on Micro-grid Stability Based on Data Center and Battery Array
TaohuaYang, Guohui Zeng
42-45 pdf
19. Research on Multidimensional Expert System Based on Facial Expression And Physiological Parameters
Wu Jingjing, Cheng Wushan, Dai Zhiwen, Zhang Shujie, Zhang Zhenyu
46-50 pdf
20. Research of Hardware-In-The-Loop System of Monitor System of Marine Diesel Engines
Wenjing Li, Hao Chen, Ningning Liu
51-54 pdf
21. An Improved Adaptive Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization for Disassembly Line Balancing Problem
Xiao Shan-li, Nie Shan-kun
55-61 pdf
22. Black Silicon Photovoltaics: Fabrication methods and properties
Mayank Joshi, Reeta Verma
62-72 pdf
23. Performance Evaluation of Cost Saving Towards Sustainability in Traditional Construction Using Prefabrication Technique
Muhammad Afzal, Sohail Maqsood, Sumra Yousaf
73-79 pdf
24. Under Voltage SAG Conditions, Improved ASD Performance
Malligunta Kiran Kumar, Satyajit Mohanty
80-84 pdf
25. Fabrication and Design of Hyperloop Model: A New Mode of Transportation
Prateek Das, Rajendra Rasad Sahu, Bhagyashree Panda, Nalinikanta Swain
85-91 pdf
26. Sliding Crank Mechanism Design for the Positioning Of a Lathe Cutting Tool
Raghu. T. S, Satyaban Subudhi, Tapan Kumr Mohanty
92-96 pdf
27. Interaction and Coupling in the Emission of Greenhouse Gases from Animal Husbandry
Dr. Mojpal Singh
97-101 pdf