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Volume-5 ~ Issue-3 ~ MArch 2017

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Research and Application of Automobile Steering Knuckle Test Accuracy
Binbin Zhang, Xinping Song, Wenjing Hao
01-07 pdf
2. Finite Element Analysis of Roll Cage
Malatesh Godi, Md.Manazir, Bhuvan Harlapur, N.Chitresh
08-12 pdf
3. A Note on the Beavers and Joseph Condition for Flow over a Forchheimer Porous Layer
M.S. Abu Zaytoon, M.H. Hamdan
13-20 pdf
4. Mechanism Optimization of Plastic Paper Packaging Machine
Liu Bingyao, Geng Yingbo, Wu Leibin
21-26 pdf
5. Implementing a Secured E-Payment Authorisation System Using Two-Factor Authentication (T-FA)
Mistura M. Usman, Ishola, O.B
27-39 pdf
6. Proposal Procedure toDesign AnOptimum Ventilation System For Chemical Laboratory
GaraIdris Abdoun, NagwaFadl Bashir
40-44 pdf
7. Methods of Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Based on Hmm
Gao Tongfei, Zhang Wenyan, Deng Renzhen
45-51 pdf
8. Cation Concentrations of Anaocha, Ekwusigo And Ogbaru Local Government Areas of Anambra State And Its Contributions to Gully Erosion Menace in The Area
Ojiako E.N, Eboatu A.N
52-54 pdf
9. Obtain ISO Certification In Industry
Abdellah Ali Mohamed, Abdelsalam Abdelmagid
56-58 pdf
10. Production of Pulp and Paper from Bagasse
Khansa Mohammed Ibrahim Elballa, Hamid Mohamed Mustafa,
Abdelsalam abdelmagid Elamin
59-62 pdf


11. Modeling Beam forming in Circular Antenna Array with Directional Emitters
Nechaev Yu.B., Alkhafaji Sarmad K.D., Peshkov I.W.
01-05 pdf
12. False Peaks Occuring at Direction-Finding Via Cylindrical Antenna Array with The Directional Emitters
Nechaev Yu.B., Aalmuttar Atheer Y.O., Peshkov I.W.
06-09 pdf
13. Design and Analysis of A Partially Decoupled Minimally Invasive Surgical Robot
Zhang Xue, Zhang Fan
10-16 pdf
14. Development of Fuel Injection System for Non-Road Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine
Peng Sun, Xueping Sun, Yu Tian, Jiping Chen
17-21 pdf
15. Design of Automatic Identification and Sorting System for Parcels Based on Plc Control
Fu Chengcheng, Jin Xiaoyi, Cai Wenfeng
22-30 pdf
16. Feasibility Study of Household Solar Photovoltaic Heating
Xu Xingyuan, Li Mengyang, Wang Chenbo, Chen Yu
31-34 pdf
17. Virtual Projection Interface
Ankita Vilas Sawant Bhonsle, Abdul Samad Shaikh, Shivam Shukla,
Suraj Subhash Tawde
35-38 pdf
18. The Web service composition based on colored Petri net
Zhu Xin Peng, Zhou Jun
39-44 pdf
19. Slotted Microstrip Line Feds Low Cost Antenna Shorted Patch
Pintu Patel, Ajay Kumar Swain
45-48 pdf
20. Soft Computing Approach for the Drowsy Driver Detection Mechanism
Khitish Kumar Gadnayak, Chinmay Ranjan Pattanaik
49-54 pdf
21. Concentration of the Mixed Discriminant of Well-Conditioned Matrices
C K Sharma, Gouri Sasmal, Prachismita Samal, Rashmirabind rasahoo
55-66 pdf
22. Neuro Marketing - An Expanding Field Of Marketing Research
Anwesh Dash, Ratikanta Dash, Biswajita Das
67-70 pdf