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Volume-5 ~ Issue-12 ~ December 2017

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. A New Formation Dip Correction Method for Electrical Imaging Logging
Yuan Tong, Wang Jiabin, Zhu Shuwen, Chen Yingying
01-07 pdf
2. Research on New Energy Bus Big Data Decision Support Platform
Xu Junming, Chen Lingshan
08-13 pdf
3. Compressed Air System Design for an Ocean Going Tug Boat in the Tropical Region
Samson Nitonye
14-22 pdf
4. Friction Stir welding Technology
Zhao Hanwen, Zhang Liqiang
23-27 pdf
5. Performance Evaluation of the 132KV Sub-Transmission Lines in the Nigeria Power Network: A Case Study of Port Harcourt Sub-Region, Rivers State
D. C. Idoniboyeobu, T. K. Bala, K. I. Blue-Jack
28-40 pdf
6. Removal of mutans Streptococci From Saliva To Establish Non-Cariogenic Oral FloraA First Step on Exploring A New Method Using Flow Cytometry And Cell Sorting
Masaru Ohara, Ikue Hayashi, Yuki Oda, Chiaki Furutani, Taiji Obayashi, Hiromi Nishi, Hiroyuki Kawaguchi
41-54 pdf
7. Effects of Polysaccharides in the Central Nervous System: A Literature Review
Dayanne Terra Tenório Nonato, Amaurilio Oliveira Nogueira, Luis Gustavo Oliveira Farias, Maria Gonçalves Pereira, Gislei Frota Aragão, Edna Maria Camelo Chaves
55-63 pdf
8. Evaluation and Challenges of Entrepreneurs in Construction Industry
Pavan Kumar, Manas Ranjan Mohapatra
64-69 pdf
9. Detection from the digitized X-ray mammograms based on the deep active learning
Pragyan Paramita Swain, Anil Kumar Dagar, Flora Das, Kailash Chandra Rout
70-88 pdf
10. Fourier transform to signal processing on graphs
Sampad Kumar Pradhan, Yubaketan Setha, Rakesh Kumar Sadangi, Jitendra Mishra
89-105 pdf