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S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Analyses on the Effect of Key Parameters of Rail Vehicle on Vertical Vibration of vehicle System
Zhou Wei-Hao,WEN Yong-Peng
01-07 pdf
2. Accuracy Researching of Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Via Music for Circular, Octagonal, Hexagonal And Rectangular Antenna Arrays
Yuri Nechaev, Ilia Peshkov
08-15 pdf
3. Characterization of Enzyme Produced From Pseudomonas Putidafor BTX (Benzene, Toluene & Xylene) Treatment in Petrochemical Industry Wastewater System
A. M. Azoddein, F. A. M. Azli, A. B. Bustary, M. H. Sulaiman, A. Z. M. Salehen, M. N. A. Seman, S. Nurdin, M. Sulaiman
16-20 pdf
4. The Experiment and Analysis of the Solar Assisted Gas Combination System
Wang Zhi, Cai Yingling
21-24 pdf
5. Epidemiological Studies of Pediculus Humanus Capitis De Geer and Indicators of Infection on the Scalp and Mitigation Efforts
Maria Vonny H. Rumampuk, Odi Pinontoan, Saartje Rondonuwu -
Lumanauw, Jantje Pelealu
25-30 pdf
6. Conservation of Troides helena Linnaeus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in Forest Park of Mount Tumpa, Manado, North Sulawesi
Hanny H. Pontororing, Jootje Warouw, Redsway T. D. Maramis, Juliet
M.E. Mamahit
31-35 pdf
7. Analyzing the Main Factors Affecting the Reactive Power of Induction Motors Used in the Production of Metallic Concentrates
M.K. Baghdasaryan, A.A. Gasparyan, D.K. Arakelyan
36-43 pdf
8. An Evaluation of Senior Secondary Mathematics Curriculum System In Hong Kong
Zhangrong Lai
44-48 pdf
9. An Implementation of Virtual Reality Application of Cursor Control Using Webcam
Ayush Jain, Monika Verma
49-51 pdf
10. Geant 4 Study of Concrete Density Measurement Using Gamma Backscattering Technique
Trịnh Hoa Lang, Le Cong Hao, Chau Van Tao, Huynh Dinh Chương, Truong
Thi Hong Loan, Nguyen Thi My Da, Le Quoc Bao, Le Thi Ngoc Trang, Tran
Kim Tuyet, Nguyen Thi Truc Linh, Luong Thanh Tung, Do Trong Vien
52-58 pdf


11. Study and Application of TSP Based on Genetic Algorithm
Zongjie Du, Shulin Sui
01-05 pdf
12. A Study of Elastic Shortening Losses of High-Strength Self- Consolidating Concrete Prestress Girders
Hayder H. Alghazali, John. J. Myers
06-16 pdf
13. New Process to Form A Nanometer to Micron Bilayer Porous Conductive 3D-Electrode Structure
Chung-Hsing Chao
17-26 pdf
14. Adsorption of Rhodamine B from Aqueous Effluents on Graphite from Spent Lithium-Ion Battery Anode
Talita M. Rodrigues, LiecaH. Kavashima, Eduarda G. M. Adas,
Beatriz Antoniassi, Marcia R. M.Chaves
27-36 pdf
15. Effects of Clove Size And Defoliation Intensity on the Growth And Yield Of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) In Sokoto, Nigeria
H. A. Gwandu, Y. S. Isa
37-41 pdf
16. Effect of Irrigation Intervals on Growth And Yield of Onion (Allium Cepa L.) In Bunza, Kebbi State, Nigeria
H.A. Gwandu, F. Idris
42-45 pdf
17. Effects of Irrigation Intervals And Nitrogen Rates on Growth And Pod Yield of Okra Abelmoschus Esculentus (L) In Sokoto North-West Nigeria
Aliyu,U., M. Bello, A. Muhammad, N.M.Kwaifa
46-52 pdf
18. Effect of Bionim and Agriboom Fertilizers on The Yield And Yield Attributes of Onion (Allium Cepa L.) in Sokoto, Nigeria
Aliyu, U., I.S Dalatu., H. G. Ahmed, M. Audu
53-58 pdf
19. Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries: Case Study from Al-Muthanna, Iraq
Isam Alyaseri
59-69 pdf
20. Fluoresceination of Lactobacillus rhamnosus through the expression of green fluorescent protein
Sumiyo Mimura, Masaru Ohara, Ikue Hayashi, Mitsugi Okada, Hiroki Nikawa
70-76 pdf
21. Car Engine Startup and Brake Oil Monitoring Using Sensors
Sushree Sefali Mishra, Jyotiranjan Barik
77-80 pdf
22. Simulation of a Hybrid Solar and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion System
Prakash Chandra Sahoo, Jukti Prasad Padhy
81-89 pdf
23. Designing way to deal with assign and assess execution affecting variables for prepared blended solid bunch plant under various impacts
Channabasavaraj Wollur, Swati Shree Mohanty, Shradhananda Ghadei, Swarupranjan Sahoo
98-110 pdf
24. Outside fortified solid pillar section joint exposed to monotonic stacking
Sudeepta Kishor Dash, Sattwik Mallik, Amlan Pattnayak, Shradha Jena
111-127 pdf