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S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. The Damping Materials Selection and Topology Optimization of Body Floor
Yu Duan, Hao Chen
01-08 pdf
2. Analysis and Research on the manufacturing process and structure optimization of engine camshaft
Fei Han, Xinping Song, Qingfeizhou, Huacheng Tao
09-16 pdf
3. Atom and Stellar Models of Ferman: Planetary and Everything Theory
Fernando Mancebo Rodriguez (Ferman)
17-44 pdf
4. Physical Barrier for Low Vision Pedestrian in Bandung Open Public Space
Sally Octaviana, Widjaja Martokusumo, Hanson Endra K, Baskoro Tedjo
45-51 pdf
5. Performance analysis of hydraulic hammer at homeand abroad
Liu Shuangshuang, Yang Guoping
52-56 pdf
6. Effect of Position on the Realization of Vowels in Sundanese
Maolin Wang
57-62 pdf
7. Performance of Heat Tolerant Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum L.) Varieties Under Rain-Fed Conditions of Aliero, Kebbi State, Nigeria
Aliyu, U, Mohammed I.U, Muhammmad, A., Kwaifa, N.M, Tanimu M.U.
63-67 pdf
8. A Mutual Authentication Protocol Which Uses Id for Security from Privileged – Insider Attacks
Aashima Sood, Shivi Sharma
68-72 pdf
9. Research of the USIP Slope One Collaborative Filtering Recommended Algorithm Based on Hadoop
Ning Su, Wenya Du, Weiping Liu
73-80 pdf
10. Combining Color Feature and Morphology Operations for Lane Detection
Zhi-Yong Tang, Su-Yun Luo
81-85 pdf


11. Analysis of stiffness about the torsion beam rear suspension based on Hyper Mesh
Zhengguang Yu, Bo Zhao
01-04 pdf
12. Research on Modern Design Methods for Synchronizer
QianLi, XunchengWu, XiaociHuang, YongZhang
05-13 pdf
13. Modification of resol phenolic resin by unsaturated polyester for improved mechanical properties
Asma Osman Ibrahim Osman, Alaeldin Ibrahim Mohamed
14-16 pdf
14. Evaluating the efficiency of removal of contaminants from the water treatment plant in Khartoum refinery
Nazar Abdalla Yousif Ahmed, Alaa Eddin Ibrahim Mohamed
17-20 pdf
15. Advances in Alzheimer's disease Research: Neural Stem Cells Culture and Gene Therapies
Felipe Carmo De Moura, Jardlon Albino Costa, Daniel Vieira Pinto, Ana Rebeca de Sousa Ponce, Naftanael Alves Ricarte, Erika Clemente Lima Machado, Juliana Magalhães da Cunha Rêgo, Christina Pacheco, Vânia Marilande Ceccatto, Edna Maria Camelo Chaves
21-24 pdf
16. Design of Automotive Electronics Hall IgniterBased on SCM
Chen Ji-Ping,Gong Yuan-Ming, Sun Xue-Ping, Tian Yu, Sun Peng
25-29 pdf
17. Insects Diversity and Abundance in Agricultural Ecosystems of Mount Klabat, Kauditan Subdistrict, North Minahasa Regency
Sixtus Iwan Umboh, Jantje Pelealu, Jootje Warouw, Saartje Rondonuwu - Lumanauw
30-35 pdf
18. The application of Simatic Wincc in the engine table
Qingfei Zhou, Xinping Song,Fei Han ,Huacheng Tao
36-39 pdf
19. The Vehicle License Plate Location Based on Adaboost algorithm of Color Feature
Liu Xu, Wu Xuncheng, Zhang Weiwei
40-47 pdf
20. A Frantic Jumble Rail Fastener Precise Positioning Algorithm Research
Zhang Bo, Chai Xiao Dong, Zheng Shu Bin, Li Li Ming
48-53 pdf


21. Static Analysis of Valve Spring Based on ANSYS Workbench Software
Wenqiang Qi, XunchengWu, ShaXu
01-07 pdf
22. Dimensional Constraint Type Mapping to Position and Orientation CharacteristicSet of PM
Guobinyang, Lubin Hang, Chengwei Shen, Wentao Li, Liang Yu
08-14 pdf
23. Topological Characteristic Analysis of 4-RUUMulti-operation ModeParallel Mechanism Based on Position and Orientation Characteristic Set
WenTaoLi, LuBin Hang, ChengWeiShen, GuBinYang, Liang Yu
15-19 pdf
24. Lane Detection in Structural Road by Using Linear ModelMethod
Hui Liu, Xuncheng Wu,Weiwei Zhang
20-24 pdf
25. Vehicle Recognition Based On Convolutional Neural Network
XinchenWang, XunchengWu, WeiweiZhang
25-30 pdf
26. Research on the Electric Shifting Control System of AMT based on Brushless DC Motor
DongxuLiu, XunchengWu, Weiwei Zhang
31-36 pdf
27. Car-pedestrian accident reconstruction based on Pc-Crash
Ying Wang, Qing Guo
37-42 pdf
28. The Design on Attitude Control System for the car falling into the water
Shiping Zhang, Xuncheng Wu, Weiwei Zhang
43-47 pdf
29. Study on Clutch Characteristics and Joint Control Law
Yunyi Jiang, Bo Zhao, Xuncheng Wu
48-53 pdf
30. Resource allocations for Delay-sensitive traffic over LTE-Advanced relay networks
S. Suguna, A. Pavani, Dr. E.V. Krishna Rao, Dr. B. Prabhakar Rao
54-61 pdf
31. A Survey on Architectural and it's Type
K.Bijay Kumar, Harekrishna Nayak
62-76 pdf
32. An Investigation Report on the impact of Work Stress among Tile Workers in India
Jaya Prakash Tripathy,Jnana Ranjan Kar
77-84 pdf
33. Frequency feature extraction for change detection in newborn EEG abnormality detection
Sukanya Nayak, Soumya Mishra, Suchismita Satpathy, Smruti Samantray
85-103 pdf
34. Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes Supported Molybdenum Acetylacetonate: Efficient and Highly Reusable Catalysts for Oxidation of Sulfides with Tert-butyl Hydroperoxide
Shubha Laxmi Parida, Ratnamanjari Das, Samit Kumar Acharya, Anchal Paramguru
104-113 pdf
35. Antibiotic Alternatives: The Substitution of Antibiotics in Animal Husbandry
Dr. Mojpal Singh
114-120 pdf