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VOLUME-4 ~ ISSUE-7 ~ JULY 2016

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Researching on Discharge Efficiency of Battery Pack with Redundant Cells
Ying Wang, Wenkui Lin, Wei Yu, Xiao Yan, Youjun Zhu,
Shichao Zhang, Bixiong Huang, Miao Liu
01-05 pdf
2. A SVC Light Based Technique for Power Quality Improvement Of Grid Connected Wind Energy System
Mrs. Lubna Ismatulla Shaikh, Dr. Chandrashekhar Thorat
06-13 pdf
3. Monocular Lane Detection By Inverse Perspective
Chen Haonan, Zhang Juan
14-18 pdf
4. Research and application of PID feedback temperature control system based on Simatic S7 Plc
Miao Tongye, Du Xiangyang, Shen Guojun
19-24 pdf
5. The Isolation and Identification of Fungi from the Soil in Gardens of Cabbage Were Contaminated with Pesticide Residues in Subdistrict Modoinding
Stella D. Umboh, Christina L. Salaki, Max Tulung, Lucia C. Mandey,
And Redsway T.D. Maramis
25-32 pdf
6. Sri Krishnadevaraya's Contribution to Science and Technology
Dr.C.Sujatha, Dr.V.Ramabrahmam, Mr.A.Sathyam
33-35 pdf
7. Research Status of SOC for Lithium-Ion Battery
Zhang Xiang
36-39 pdf
8. Characterization And Discrimination of Monocultivar Loquat (Eriobotrya Japonica) Fruit From two Areas in Beni Mellal- Khenifra Region
W.Terouzi, A.Oussama
40-48 pdf
9. Most Frequent Item Sets Mining Algorithm Based on MIS-Tree And Multiple Support Array
Chen Xingxing, Huang Hongbin, Du Wenya
49-55 pdf
10. Design of PID, Fuzzy PD/PID and Single Input Fuzzy Logic Controller for Higher Order System
Aprajita Singh
56-61 pdf


11. Distribution Maps of TDS Concentration Using GIS At Assiut, Egypt
Marco A. El-Dakar, A. Sefelnasr, M.M. Senosy
01-11 pdf
12. A Generalized Class of Jack-Knifed Estimator for Population Mean Using Two Auxiliary Variables under Measurement Errors
Shashi Bhushan, Arun Kumar
12-22 pdf
13. Simulation andPerformance Analysis of IP Backbone Network forNext Generation Networks
Nathaniel S. Tarkaa, Cosmas I. Ani
23-33 pdf
14. Research and Development of Magneto-Rheological Fluid
Lu Wen, Luo Yiping
33-36 pdf
15. The Radar Echo of Human Body Modeling Based on Matlab
Guo-Qiang Fangļ¼ŒPing-Qing Fan
37-44 pdf
16. Based on the Stm32 GSM intelligent home control system design
Chen Haonan, Zhang Juan, Gong Yun, Luo Dengyu
45-47 pdf
17. Establishing Relationship between Blood Groups and IQ in Population of Some Areas of Rural and Urban Punjab, India
Dr. Rashmi Kohli, Dr. Neelam K. Sharma
48-54 pdf
18. Prioritisation of Maintenance Policies for Upstream Equipment in A Typical Quarry Using Decision Maintenance Grid (DMG)
Abdulraman S. O, Olaleye B. M, Saliu M. A
55-60 pdf
19. Research on Smart Car Auto-Imagine Processing System Meeting Traffic Light Based on IN-RE
Wen-xiang xu, Ling-shan chen, Haibo-yang, Jia-yuan Liu
61-66 pdf
20. A Review of Path Loss Models for UHFRADIOWaves Propagation: Trends andAssessment
Julie C.Ogbulezie, Nsed A. Akonjom, Sunday A. Ojomu,
A.O.Ezugwu, I. E. Igajah
67-75 pdf


21. The Bane of Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN)in Nigeria
Julie C.Ogbulezie, Nsed A. Akonjom, Sunday A. Ojomu,
A.O.Ezugwu, I. E. Igajah
01-04 pdf
22. Research on Trajectory Planning Method of Spraying Robot Based on NC Tool Path
Bing Zhang, Yong Xu
05-10 pdf
23. Study on The Adaptability of FSC Racing Ergonomics
Chao Tao Qihua Ma
11-20 pdf
24. A Review on Image Interpolation Systems: Image Reconstruction Techniques
Panzy, Dr. Rinkesh Mittal
21-24 pdf
25. A Research on Influence of Cut-off Point for Fast-charging LFP Battery
Youjun Zhu, Wenkui Lin, Wei Yu, Xiao Yan, Shichao Zhang,
Ying Wang, Xiang Zhang, Bixiong Huang
25-27 pdf
26. Study on Hydraulic Vibration System of Roller Based on AMESIM
MA Ting-ting, YANG Guo-ping
28-37 pdf
27. Color Image Segmentation for Extract Multi- Object
Rusul Fadhil Yaser, Abdul-Wahab Sami Ibrahi
38-43 pdf
28. Complementary Acyclic Weak Domination Preserving Sets
N. Saradha, V.Swaminathan, K. Angammal
44-48 pdf
29. The Quest for Urban Identity: Influence of Urban Morphological Development to the Imageability of Bogor City Streets
Nurhikmah Budi Hartanti, Widjaja Martokusumo, Basauli Umar Lubis,
Heru W. Poerbo
49-58 pdf
30. Research on Freeway Passenger Flow Prediction Based on Neural Network
Yang Bin, Luo Yiping
59-66 pdf
31. A Detailed Study on Recycled Aggregate Concrete using Two Stage Mixing Approach
Rojalin Senapati, Kiranbala Tanty
67-74 pdf
32. A Study on Value Creation Model in Corporate Social Responsibility
Bhagyashree Padhi, Gouri Shankar Barik
75-82 pdf
33. A New area of Computer science in field of emmbeded system engineering
D. Bright Anand, Nirupama Tripathy, Radha Mohan Acharya, Anita Subudhi
83-91 pdf
34. Nonlinear effects generation in non-adiabatically tapered fibres
Naveen Kumar, Asheerbad Puhan, Priya Chandan Satpathy, Sanghamitra Rout
92-96 pdf
35. Comparative study for ball, conic and GRIN rod lens coupling schemes using Zemax Huygen's physical optics calculations
Nikhilesh Kumar, Prakash Kumar Behera, Subrat Kumar Panda, Sulochana Nanda
97-108 pdf