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VOLUME-4 ~ ISSUE-6 ~ JUNE 2016

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Torque Sensor Data Acquisition System of Motor Test Bench Based on LabVIEW
Xie Zuoshuang, Luo Hao, Liu Miao,Huang Bixiong,Yan Xiao
01-06 pdf
2. Design And Implementation of Automotive ECU Programming System Based on The Principle of Wi-Fi Remote Communication
Lu Junwei, Gong Yuanming, Zhou Jianpeng, Li Wenjing
07-10 pdf
3. Exponential Observer for Nonlinear System Satisfying Multiplier Matrix
Wei Guo, Xiang Wu
11-17 pdf
4. Simulation And Analysis of the Magnetic Circuit of the Tester For the Yield Stress of Magnetorheological Fluid
Sun Yuxiang, Luo Yiping
18-21 pdf
5. Building A Motor Test Bench For Low Power Motor
Liu Miao, YanXiao, Huang BiXiong, Xie Zuoshuang, Luo Hao
22-26 pdf
6. Optimal Design of Fan Airflow Guiding Device in the Wood Drying Kiln
Xin-Yue Zhang Ping Yan
27-31 pdf
7. A Portable Fast Charging Power Supply Design for Lithium Battery Pack with Cell-Capacity-Balancing Method
Shichao Zhang, Wenkui Lin, Wei Yu, Xiao Yan, Youjun Zhu, Ying Wang, Xiang Zhang
32-36 pdf
8. Review of development and status of a rotary joint
Sixuan Ma, Jianmin Wu, Zhiguan Zhou, Hongming Li
37-42 pdf
9. Thermal Properties of Cu2+-Montmorillonite After Interaction with Aromatic Compounds
Janíková Veronika, Jóna Eugen, Janík Róbert, Pavlík Viliam
43-47 pdf
10. Investigation of Heat Flow, Thermal Shock Resistance And Electrical Conductivity oof Al 6061-Silicon Carbide-Graphite Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
S A Mohan Krishna, T N Shridhar, L Krishnamurthy
48-55 pdf


1. Leaching Study of Lanthanides from its Mineralized Rocks at Gebel Gattar, Eastern Desert, Egypt
Hesham M. Kamal
01-10 pdf
2. Forecasting and Skipping to Reduce Transmission Energy in WSN
Ahmad A. Abboud, Abdel-Karim Yazbek, Jean-Pierre Cances,
Vahid Meghdadi
11-19 pdf
3. Temperature Field Analysis of Magnetorheological Fluid Dynamometer
Liang Huiying, Luo Yiping, Yang Yali
20-24 pdf
4. Surface And Ground Water Quality of Potable Water in the Regions of Godavari Western Delta, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India
G.Suri Babu, E.U.B.Reddi, B.Hemasundar, P.A.R.K.Raju
25-29 pdf
5. Detection Malware Web Services Using Data Mining Based on WSDL File
Mohammed Zoroub
30-36 pdf
6. Approaches to Air Quality Assessment: A Tool for Advancement ff Air Quality Policy
R. U. Enotoriuwa, E. O. Nwachukwu, J. N. Ugbebor
37-42 pdf
7. A Survey of Acoustic Underwater Communications and Ways of Mitigating Security Challenges
M. T. Anowar, M. N. H. Khan, SK. A. Shezan, M. A. Kabir, M. D. Hossen,
M. S. Zahan, M. K. Hossain, M. M. Hasan
43-51 pdf
8. Optimising And Recommendations For Collecting Face Databases
KarimovMadjit Malikovich, IslomovShahbozZokir ogli
52-57 pdf
9. Fatigue Life Analysis and Optimum Design of Suspension Spring
Yipeng Wang, Shuyu Liu, Hao Chen, Kun Gao,Shengwei Zhang
58-66 pdf
10. Radioactive Waste Management
Asma Osman Ibrahim Osman, Hamid Mohamed Mustafa, Abdelsalam
Abdelmagid Elamin
67-71 pdf


1. Hybrid Active Feature Selection For Text Classification
Mrs. Rashmi G. Dukhi, Ms. Antara Bhattacharya
01-07 pdf
2. Solution of Non-Homogeneous Burgers Equation by Haar Wavelet Method
Sumana R. Shesha, Achala L. Nargund, Nagendrappa M. Bujurke
07-16 pdf
3. Optimization of Mobile Applications and Features through Cloud Computing
Shashank Jindal, Dr. Vineet Richariya
17-23 pdf
4. Studies on the Application of Edge Detection Techniques to the Blood Cells
Ch. Nooka Raju, Dr.G.S.N. Raju, Dr.V.K. Varma Gottumukkala
24-28 pdf
5. Research on the Hardness of Porous Ceramic and Pin on Disc Wear
ZHU Xingyu JIN Xiaoyi TIAN Peipei
29-32 pdf
6. Design of Vehicle Data Acquisition and Capture System Based On OBD
Xueping Sun, Yuanming Gong, Yu Tian, Peng Sun, Jiping Chen
33-36 pdf
7. A Study on Development of Protein Rich Extruded Puffed Snacks
Devendra Kumar Bhatt, Shweta Verma
37-43 pdf
8. Dynamics of a Mobile Mechanical System with Vibration Propulsion (VibroBot)
Ivan A. Loukanov, Venko G. Vitliemov, Ivelin V. Ivanov
44-51 pdf
9. Performance analysis of a vapour compression refrigeration system with a diffuser for theeco-friendly refrigerants R-134a, R-600a and R-152a
Rejith G Krishnan, Saloop T S, Vishnu M Mohan, Issac Thomas,
Sandeep Kumar M
52-57 pdf
10. Developing an Engaging Engineering Programme in A New Military College and Assessment of Two Years Performance
Wasi Z. Khan, Albert A. Boretti, Sarim Al Zubaidy
58-68 pdf
11. Purification of Phenolics From Processed Tamarindus Indica Seeds
Shlini P, K R Siddalinga Murthy
69-73 pdf
12. Replacing of Aggregates by Rubber Aggregates in Concrete:an Experimental Investigation
Dr.Gopal Charan Behera, Biswajit Nayak
74-81 pdf
13. Two-stage multi-anvil apparatus in measurement of lowtemperature
Bikash Mohapatra, Rajesh Satapathy, Arunima Panda
82-87 pdf