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VOLUME-4 ~ ISSUE-5 ~ MAY 2016

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Modern Scientific Researches and Research Methods in
Computer Science

Shaikh Afroz Fatima Muneeruddin
01-07 pdf
2. Experimental Study on Microstructure of Magnetorheological

Shao Jun, Luo Yiping, Ren Hongjuan
08-14 pdf
3. DCT shift system based on fuzzy logic research
Xian Zhang Bian,Pei Teng Zhao,Yuan Chao Mu
15-19 pdf
4. A turning over mechanism based on a parallel quadrilateral
protection nested

Zhiwei Zheng, Dashu Li , Xingqi Qiu
20-27 pdf
5. The Design of Online Monitoring System of Low-Voltage Switch

Wang Wei-guang,CHENG Wu-shan
28-32 pdf
6. Differential Evolution And Disparity Line Utilization Factor Based
Congestion Management Of Power System With Interline Power
Flow Controller

Ms. Sajna Soman, Ms. Rinku Scaria
33-38 pdf
7. The Research of Cycloid Rotational Processing Technology
Gu Jiayi, Hang Lubin,Huangfu Yabo,Lu Jiuru, Peng Liyang, Hu Wenhao, Ye Lijie
39-47 pdf
8. In Application Programming Based on CCP
Fang Hongqing, Lu Junwei, Xiong Mengrong
48-53 pdf
9. Review on Genetic Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Lu Yu-Lin, Zhao Chun-Hua
54-58 pdf
10. The influence of laser surface texturing on sliding bearings
working performance

Lin Kaiyi,Hang Lubin, ding honghan,Mao Jiajun Qing Zhe
59-65 pdf


1. Research Of Control System Based On Solar Panel Cleaning Mechanism
Hou Zhen-Yu, Hang Lu-Bin*, Li Chang, Yu Liang, Wang Jun, Hu Jia-Le,
Wu Yin-Kun, Zhang Dong, Xiong Ye-Yun
01-05 pdf
2. A Method Based On Self-Adaptive Fuzzy Control For Agricultural Vehicles Tracking Straight Paths
Gu Yangjie, Zhou Zhifeng, Hu Xiujuan, Wang Yongquan
06-12 pdf
3. About Car Seat Forward Frontal Impact Safety Performance Analysis
Guo Qing, Yu-Bin Qian
13-17 pdf
4. Influence Of Meteorological Parameters On Heat Recovery Of
Condensing Gas Boiler

Wang Xinpei,Hang Xin,Liu Tuo,Chen Yu
18-22 pdf
5. Content Based Search Add-on API Implemented for Hadoop Ecosystem
Aditya Kamble, Kshama Jain, ShaileshHule
23-28 pdf
6. Simulation of Fusion Evaporation of Compound Nuclei Created in Ultra Intense Laser Interaction with Carbon Targets
Lotfia El Nadi, M. Ramadan, Mohamed Ezzat, M. El Nagdy, A.Naser A. El Fetouh
29-34 pdf
7. Physico-Chemical and Biological Contamination of Tap Waters Of the Village Chinnamiram, West Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh, India.
G.Sri Bala, Niharika Kondepudi
35-39 pdf
8. The Optimization Analysis of Diesel Engine Intake Manifold based on UG and FLUENT
Yu Yabai,Chen Lingshan,Sheng Chunying
40-46 pdf
9. On The Quaternionic Bertrand Curves In Semi-Euclidean 4-Space
Faik Babadağ
47-50 pdf
10. Research of State Observers for the Vehicle Sideslip Angle Algorithm
Zhangchengbing,Zhang Hao
51-54 pdf


1. Application of Improved Smith Predictive Control Compensation Scheme In Multi Point Temperature Control System
Yuan Chengfei, Lei Juyang, Lu Zhihao, Han Hongwei
01-05 pdf
2. Research of 3D Irregular Fragment Reassembly Technique in Reverse Engineering
NIE Bo-lin, ZHANG Xu, CHE Xuan-lin
06-10 pdf
3. Attitude Calibration Study on Agricultural Machinery Navigation
Chengyu Gu, Zhifeng Zhou,Yue Xu, Jingjie Chai
11-19 pdf
4. Review of the Hot Rolling Steel Strip Rust Removal Technology
He Zhu, Min-Liang Zhang, Guo-Kui Zhu
20-26 pdf
5. A New Vehicle Detection Method For Blind Spot Detection System Based On DSP
Sen Li
27-29 pdf
6. The Reconstruction of Noise Acoustic Fields of Interior of the Car Based on LMS Virtual.Lab
Zhang Wenping, Qi Hongzhong
30-34 pdf
7. Harvesting Energy Density Performance Of Cantilevered Piezoelectric Transducers
Jiajie Li, Huazhi Wu, Canfeng Chen
35-41 pdf
8. Case Study: Alomertex Factory for Textile and Ready Clothes
Mohamed Kamaleldin Idris Bashier , Hamid Mohamed Mustafa , Abdelsalam Abdelmagid Elamin
42-44 pdf
9. The Design And Analysis of Automotive Electronic PCB
Mengrong Xiong,Wenjing Li
45-47 pdf
10. A Hybrid of Particle Swarm Optimization And Genetic Algorithm for Training Back-Propagation Neural Network
NIE Shan-Kun, WANG Yu-Jia, XIAO Shanli, Chen Ke
48-58 pdf
11. Programme and Project Cycle Management (PPCM)
Raja Sarkar, Dr.Durga Prasad Rath
59-70 pdf
12. The Analysis and Forecasting on Foreign Direct Investment, Tourism and Economic Growth in Asean Countries
Richa Parida, Biswajita Das
71-81 pdf
13. Experimental Model Investigations of Solar Drier System
Hemant Ku Nayak, Tapan Kumr Mohanty, Saradendu Bhujabal
82-85 pdf