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S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Thermodynamic Study and Analysis of Dimethyl Ether Steam
Reforming Reaction

Zhenguo Luo*, Cong Li
01-06 pdf
2. Research Status on Speed Range Extension of Permanent Magnet
Synchronous Motor

Luo Hao, Liu Miao, ZuoshuangXie
07-15 pdf
3. A Novel Method to Build a Fuzzy Decision Tree Based On Hedge

Lan L V T, Han N M, Hao N C
16-24 pdf
4. Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Droplet Impact on a
Sphere Particle

Zhiwei Zheng, Dashu Li , Xingqi Qiu
25-31 pdf
5. The Population Density of Early Warning System Based On
Video Image

Ke CHEN, Yuan-Yuan LI
32-37 pdf
6. Research status and Development prospects of Extended Range
Electric Vehicle

Yuanchao Mu, Lingshan Chen
38-40 pdf
7. Application of potential function in molecular dynamics
simulation of natural gas hydrate

Liu Tuo, Chen Yu
41-45 pdf
8. Technological Analysis of a Solar-Wind-Battery-Diesel Hybrid Energy System with Fuzzy Logic Controller
SK. A Shezan, Noman H Khan, Md. T. Anowar, Md. H. Delwar, Md. H. Reduanul, Md. D. Islam, Md. M. Hasan, Md. A. Kabir
46-57 pdf
9. The Improvement of the Two Position Aviatic Electic Switch's
Fatigue Life Test System

JIAN Guizhong, ZHOU Zhifeng
58-61 pdf
10. The Design Scheme of The Control System of The Automatic

Shen Guo-jun, Du Xiang-yang
62-65 pdf
11. Optimum Design of Suspension Spring
M Ramakotaiah, Alina Dash
66-73 pdf
12. Power Transfer Capability of Interconnected Power System by Using FACTS Controllers with OPF Method
Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi, Ajaya Kumar Swain
74-84 pdf
13. Brain: Language processor
Bairagi Patra, A Manisha, Priyadarshini Das
85-89 pdf
14. Computing Permanents of Complex Diagonally Dominant Matrices and Tensors
Ashutosh Mahapatra, Prachismita Samal, Sushreebehera
90-101 pdf