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S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Information Recognition of Unsupported Sleepers Based on the ICA
Zhuang Chao, Zheng Shu Bing, Zhang Bo
01-05 pdf
2. Design of The Flexion Leg Mechanism
MA Peng-Tao, CHENG Wu-Shan
06-17 pdf
3. An Investigation to Select "Metro" as a Public Transportation Mode in Gaza City
Maher A. El-Hallaq, Khalid D. El-Yazory
18-28 pdf
4. Research on Position Control Module of CNC System Based on Windows and RTX
Jiapeng Cai,Liqiang Zhang,
29-33 pdf
5. Effective Control of Water Coning Using Downhole Water Sink with Gas Lift Technology
Okon E. Ita
34-46 pdf
6. Microstructural Analysis of Corrosion of Welded Joints in Stainless Steel Used in Manufacture of Bioreactors
Antônio Pereira Borba, José de Souza, William Haupt, Fábio Ricardo de O. de Souza,Frederico Sporket,Elton Gimenez Rossini,Bernardo Póras Reis
47-58 pdf
7. The Motion-sensing Simulation of Dynamic Seat
Guodong Zhang
59-66 pdf
8. Fast Integer Ambiguity Resolution Based on Real-Coded Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Qingming Yi, Xidong Yi, Min Shi
67-72 pdf
9. The Construction of Service Quality Evaluation System for Clothing Mobile Shopping Platform
Jingjing Nie, Jing Zhou, Kun Zhang
73-79 pdf
10. Morphodynamic changes caused by Cyclone Monica in April 2006 on Ngarradj Creek, Northern Territory, Australia
Michael Saynor, Wayne Erskine
80-86 pdf


11. The Research of PID algorithm On Attitude controller for Four-rotor UAV
01-09 pdf
12. Toddler Nutritional Status Monitoring Using Intelligent System
Sri Widodo, Siti Farida, Fitria Ika Wulandari, agung Suryadi
10-14 pdf
13. An Empirical Review of Electromagnetic Braking Systems
Prasad Dandavate
15-23 pdf
14. Automated Lung Nodule Detection Method for Surgical Preplanning
Geethu S Nair, Dr.Sayyad Ajij D
24-29 pdf
15. Buen Vivir O Convivir El Humano Y La Naturaleza
Dr. Girard David Vernaza Arroyo, PhD
30-37 pdf
16. An Empirical Review And Analysis of Reduced-Order Combustion Models for Turbulent Reacting Flows
Afreen Bhumgara
38-49 pdf
17. Assessment of Through-Tubing Gas Lift Technology
Okon E. Ita, DuluAppah, Abatai M. Charles
50-58 pdf
18. Landslide Forecasting in Kedarnath - Gaurikund Route
Ratan Kirti, Adarsh Kr. Singh, RawatAbhinav, Jha Krishna
59-65 pdf
19. Research on Natural gas engine
C B Malla, Kshitish kumar Dash
66-70 pdf
20. Improving the performance of power system protection using wide area monitoringsystems
Sangeetha Das, Sanjay Kumar Nayak, Sunil Kumar Tripathy, Siba Prasad Senapati
71-84 pdf
21. Isolation of Malassezia Species from dandruff and its control by selected plant extracts
Dufaida K.M.
85-87 pdf