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1. Analysis of Metallic Waste from Laser Cutting for Utilization in Parts Manufactured by Conventional Powder Metallurgy
José de Souza, Clayton A. Oliveira-Motta, Tiago Gonçalves Machado, Alexandre Giacomin, Hamudy Munir Abou Arabi
01-05 pdf
2. Fault Diagnosis of Electronic Circuits Based on Matlab
HaoXiang Liu
06-13 pdf
3. Design of the Intelligent Trace-Keeping Robot Car Based On STM32
He Kanghua
14-19 pdf
4. NC Milling Process Planning for Thin-Walled Parts with Low Rigidity
Wang Hao
20-25 pdf
5. Treating and Sterilization of Medical Waste
Eshtiag Mubarak Ahamed Hassan, Dr. Nagwafadol Bashir
26-29 pdf
6. Versatile Coatings Based on Catecholamines, Polyphenols and on Prebiotic Chemistry Based Concepts: An Opportunity for Robust Industrial Coatings
Vincent BALL
30-39 pdf
7. Study on three dimensional cutting simulation under different cooling conditions
Gang Zhao, Dazhong Wang
40-44 pdf
8. Research on Automatic Identification Method of Train Speed Based on Ground Test Data
Zhang Lei, Chai Xiao Dong, Zheng Shu Bin, Li Li Ming
45-49 pdf
9. Frequency Analysis of aFree Vibrating SSCC Thin Rectangular Orthotropic Plate Using Improved Rayleigh's Method
D.O Onwuka, O.M Ibearugbulem, A.C Abamara, C.F Njoku, S.I Agbo
50-55 pdf
10. Algorithmic Analysis of Direct and Indirect Prevention Measure with Modular Ulift Measures
Pooja Shivcharan Rawte, Prof. Pragati Patil
56-60 pdf


11. Geo Environmental Study to Assess the Hazard of the Surface and Subsurface in Selected Construction Sites by Application of Combinedtechniques in (Kinta Valley) Perak, Peninsular Malaysia
Riyadh R. Yassin, Samsudin Hj Taib, Dhiya Aldin Almashiky,
Ros Fatihah Muhammad
01-37 pdf
12. La gestion des ressources naturelles: perceptions des effets et acceptabilité sociale de l'aire marine protégée de Bamboung(Sénégal)
Clément Sambou
38-48 pdf
13. Evaluation of Medical Waste Treatment in Sudanese Hospitals
Eshtiag Mobarak Ahamed Hassan, Dr. Nagwa Fadol Bashir
49-54 pdf
14. Current on-Line Measurement of High-Voltage Switch Board
Yinjian-Cheng, Cheng Wu-Shan, Ni Shou-Bin, Min Li, Zhang Ke-Ping
55-61 pdf
15. Modal Analysis of Turbocharing Blades
Yucheng Zhang,Lingshan Chen
62-66 pdf
16. Computation of the Scattering Cross-Section for Some Isospin States
Koki, F. S
67-71 pdf
17. Air Pollution Emission Detection Optimization System for Civil Airports Under The Background of Large Data
Zhangxinpeng, Kuang Jianghong, Lv Hongyan
72-75 pdf
18. Clean Production in Edible Oil (Olympic Edible Oil Factory)
Najwa Magboul Elhesseen Ahmed, Hamid Mohamed Mustafa,
Abdelsalam Abdelmagid Elamin
76-79 pdf
19. Urban Morphology, Environmental Performances & Energy Use: A Holistic Transformation Approach Applied to Block 39 in Belgrade (Serbia) Via IMM
Veljko Ciric, Ratka Colic, Marija Maruna, Ivan Simic, Luka Stefanovic,
Massimo Tadi, H. Mohammad Zadeh
80-86 pdf
20. Specifying Air Conditioning Requirements for Commercial Buildings in Ethiopia
Jemal Worku, Dr.-Ing. Demiss Alemu
87-104 pdf
21. Mechanical Properties of Nanoparticulate WC/Al Metal Matrix Composites
Krishna Chandra Patra, Gobinda Chandra Dash
105-111 pdf
22. Computer Science Majors For Minority Female
Subhalaxmi Nayak, Uttam Jena, Aparimita Swain, Purnya Prava Nayak
112-114 pdf
23. Design and Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Considering Axial Asymmetric Position of Rotor to Stator
Tapas Ku Benia, Ashok Kumar Sahani, Ashok Kumar Sahani, Arunakumar Rout
115-123 pdf