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S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Detecting and Imaging Historical Graves by Using Visual Inspection and Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation
Dr Ibrahim E. Ahmed Amari, Ghassan S. Alsulaimani
01-09 pdf
2. Modeling and Analysis of Ribs and Spar of an Aeroplane Wing
Gadi Pradeep Reddy, K.Ajaya Kumar Reddy
10-15 pdf
3. Customer Service Functions Automation for Effective Banking Management in Nigeria
Kamalu U.A., Akuwudike A. I.
16-25 pdf
4. On theFPGA Implementation of Binary Phase-ShiftKeying baseband Modem
Ye Hoon Lee
26-29 pdf
5. 3D Printing: Enabling a New Era of Opportunities andChallenges for Manufacturing
Mohsen Attaran, Ph.D.
30-38 pdf
6. Power Quality Disturbances Classification Using S-transform and Fuzzy System
P.Kalyana Sundaram, R.Neela
39-52 pdf
7. Antinociceptive and Antiedematogenic Acctivities of Essential Oil of Croton argyrophylloides
Kildere Marques-Canuto, Ariclécio Cunha de Oliveira, Felipe Carmo de
Moura, Juliana Magalhães da Cunha Rêgo, Erika Clemente Lima
Machado, Andrelina Noronha Coelho de Souza
53-59 pdf
8. Design of 600-800 MHz Programmable Phase Locked Loop
Thatipelli shiva, Rita Mahajan
60-66 pdf
9. Anthropogenic Conditions of Production Areas
Vangjeldunovski Phd., Damjan Balkoski B.Arch
67-72 pdf
10. Vibrational Analysis of Magneto-Rheological Elastomer under Different Loading
Akhil M. Chaudhari, Dr. K. B. Waghulde
73-78 pdf


11. Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications - Current Perspectives and Challenges
DineshKumar S, Purushothaman S
01-06 pdf
12. Research on Dynamics of MCCB Operating Mechanismbased on Singular Configurations
Wang Jun, Hang Lubin, Huang Xiaobo, Xiang Honggang, Yu Yipeng
07-14 pdf
13. Dynamic Analysis of Timing Chain Drive System of Diesel Engine of Passenger Car
Aniket Mulik, Dr. A. J. Gujar
15-21 pdf
14. Moisture Transfer in Buildings
Md Sadiqul Hasan Talukder
22-30 pdf
15. Weak Signal Detection Research by Fractional Order Chaotic System And Non-Detection Area Removed Algorithm
Chen Likai, Zhang Wei
31-39 pdf
17. Appraisal of The Impact of RENA And Mycoremediation Techniques In Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Using Maize (Zea Mays L.) As Test Crop
Maduekwe C., Nwachukwu E.O., Joel O.F.
49-56 pdf
18. Heavy Metal Sorption Behaviour of Suspended Materials Kaolinite and Iron Oxide (Goethite)
Ibrahim. O. M. Matoug
57-67 pdf
19. A Hardware-Software Approach for Design and Control of Mechatronics Devices
Ramon Barber, Cristina Castejon, Antonio Flores, Higinio Rubio
68-80 pdf
20. Secure Complementary Equivalence Domination
N. Saradha, V.Swaminathan
81-88 pdf


21. A Research on Turbochanrging Blades
Linshan Chen Yucheng Zhang
01-07 pdf
22. Functional Evaluation of Canal Bank Roads Using Merlin
Trinadh Varma Penumatsa, Dr. M.Jagapathi Raju, Dr. C.N.V.S.Reddy
08-12 pdf
23. Study for Parameter Estimation Optimization Based on Q-GRBPF
Guan Cheng,Fang Yu,Hu Ding-Yu
13-18 pdf
24. Authenticated Key Management Scheme for Intra-Mme Handover Over LTE Networks
Khaled Mohamed Khairy, Ashraf Diaa Eldien, Ahmed A. Abdel-hafez,
Essam Abd El-Wanis
19-28 pdf
25. Comparative Assessment of the Effect of RENA and Mycoremediation Techniques in Crude Oil Impacted Soil on Growth Performance of Telfairiaoccidentalis Hook F
Maduekwe C., Nwachukwu E.O., Joel O.F.
29-35 pdf
26. Comprehensive study on thermal erosion characteristics of typical gas turbine blades
ZhangHao, ZhangRui, ZhangZhiying, LuJiahua
36-41 pdf
27. Use of Inserts of Tool Steel with Solid Lubricant Aggregated made by Powder Metallurgy
Alex Fabiano Bueno, Marcelo Salvador Cóser, José de Souza,
Lirio Schaeffer
42-50 pdf
28. Smart Sensors in Automatic Power On Off for Projector Based on User Monitoring Signals
Tuyen Nguyen Tai
51-55 pdf
29. Phytoremediation of Chromium and Accumulation Pattern by Heliotropium Curassavicum, Ipomea Cornea and Jetropha Gasifolia
NirmalKumar Sarangam, R.Veeramani, K.K.Kavitha
56-59 pdf
30. La vente illégale des hydrocarbures: conservation et problèmes de santé publique dans la ville de Maroua
Eloundou Messi Paul Basile
60-66 pdf


31. Fem Analysis on the Simulation of the Metal Cutting Process And It's Effect in the Research of Deformation Coefficient
Zhang peng-fei, Wang da-zhong, Zhao gang
01-07 pdf
32. Nonlinear Versatile Tools for Heart Rate Variability Prediction andDiagnosis
Mazhar B. Tayel, Eslam I Alsaba
.08-19 pdf
33. Research in Embedded System about Image Measurement Based on Hough Transform
ZHANG Cheng, ZHOU Zhi-feng
20-23 pdf
34. Researching on the Application of Integrated Navigation in Agricultural Vehicles
Gu Yangjie, Zhou Zhifeng, Hu Xiujuan, Wang Yongquan
24-28 pdf
35. Circle-Criterion Observer design for nonlinear systems satisfying incremental quadratic constraints
Wei Guo, ChengBing Zhang
29-37 pdf
36. Engineering Machine Dryer Method of Vacuum with Controlled Temperature and Pressure
Sakti M.diah, A MIdham, MuhsinZ, Soetyono Iskandar
38-45 pdf
37. A method for example of machining priority sequence segment and sorting by genetic algorithm to enhance process route
Liujianfei, Yandong
46-52 pdf
38. Design of Assisted Characteristic Curve for Electric Power Steering System Based on Load Variation
Du shitong, Yao liming
53-58 pdf
39. A Review on Permafrost Geotechnics, Foundation Design And New Trends
Morteza Sheshpari, SamanKhalilzad
59-71 pdf
40. Finite Element Analysis on two Wheeler Alloy Wheel
Manjunath Batli, Md.Manazir, N. Chitresh, Malatesh G
72-79 pdf


41. Human Resources Management: An Online Recruitment System
Nwoji Jude Oguejiofor, Mohammed Aminu, Satyakam Rahul
01-08 pdf
42. Technique for Exchanging Location Information Messages Over LTE Voice Calls
Mohamed Ibrahim Elzentani, Mohamed Helmy Megahed, Ashraf Diaa Eldien
09-14 pdf
43. A New Technique for Transceiver Location Data Over LTE Voice Channels
Mohamed Ibrahim Elzentani, Mohamed Helmy Megahed, Ashraf Diaa Eldien
15-19 pdf
44. Supplier Evaluation Process from the Perspective of the Stakeholders
Caran V., Krueger J. F., Ayres, L. F., Araujo Jr. A. H
20-24 pdf
45. Special Fixture Design for Automobile air Intake Manifold
XIE Yi-rong, CAO Yun-dong, ZHANG Cheng-bing
25-28 pdf
46. Thickness Determination of the Silica Sand Deposits by Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) Geophysical Techniques
Dr Ibrahim E. Ahmed Amari, Ghassan S. Alsulaimani, Usman Pervaiz
29-39 pdf
47. Design and simulation of multi-sector switchable antenna array for the frequency range of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks
Yuri Nechaev, Popova N.V., Peshkov I.V.
40-48 pdf
48. A Smart Two-Cell Random Access Algorithm for Wireless CDMA Communication Networks Using Smart Antenna
Enfel Barkat, Mourad Barkat
49-54 pdf
49. Redesign of E-Learning Development in India
Javed Wasim, Dr.Raghav Mehra, Dr.Ishtiaque Ahmad Khan
55-60 pdf
50. Near infrared spectroscopy octane regression fitting based on Neural Network
Zhang Xinpeng
61-67 pdf
51. Experimental Investigation on the Comparative Cost Analysis of Equipment Management in Construction Companies in India
Sibasish Rai, Akshya Sabat
68-75 pdf
52. Experimental Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Polymer Composite Plates
K V N S Rao, Kedarnath Hota
76-86 pdf
53. Computer science has an effect on social life
Sachikanta Pati, Major Das, Jui Pattanaik, Ipsit Joshi
87-91 pdf
54. Computer Science Engineering in the Field of Philosophical Concept
Rashmita Panigrahi, Ashok Muduli, Satyabrata Das, Rasmi Sarangi
92-97 pdf