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Volume-4 ~ Issue-1 ~ January 2016

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. A fast and effective impulse noise filter
Xiong Zhenyu, Liu Ning
01-05 pdf
2. An understanding of the electronic bipolar resistance switching behavior in Cu/TiO2/ITO structure
Haitao Tang, Qiu Ying Shen, Zhao Yang, Bin Yang
0-10 pdf
3. Thesummaryabout fuzzy control parameters selected based on brake driver intention recognition
Pei Teng Zhao, HuanHuan Zhang, Xian Zhang Bian
11-16 pdf
4. Structural aspect on carbon dioxide capture in nanotubes
N R Devi and V Gayathri
17-25 pdf
5. A novel high-precision curvature-compensated CMOS bandgap reference without using an op-amp
Hui Xu, Junkai Huang, Wanling Deng, Fei Yuand Xiaoyu Ma
26-31 pdf
6. Resistance of Dryland Rice to Stem Borer (Scirpophaga incertulas Wlk.) Using Organic Fertilizer
Reity Engka, Max Tulung, Jootje Warouw and Lucia C. Mandey
32-35 pdf
7. Reduce Resources for Privacy in Mobile Cloud Computing Using Blowfish and DSA Algorithms
Tawfiq S. Barhoom, Mahmoud M. Abu Ghosh
36-45 pdf
8. Correlation Analysis of Tool Wear and Cutting Sound Signal
Tong Li, Minliang Zhang, Yanfei Fan, Ximin Cheng, Siyu Lin
46-50 pdf
9. Experimental study on critical closing pressure of mudstone fractured reservoirs
Wei Huabin, Zhu Huanlai, Li Jingying, Zhai Zhiwei, Wang Jian
51-55 pdf
10. The Low-Temperature Radiant Floor Heating System Design and Experimental Study on its Thermal Comfort
Sun Rui, Hang Xin, Liu Tuo, Chen Yu
56-61 pdf
11. Status of Heavy metal pollution in Mithi river: Then and Now
Shruti Handa and Rahul Jadhav
62-68 pdf
12. Positioning Error Analysis and Compensation of Differential Precision Workbench
Boyan Ding, Minliang Zhang, Yi Li, Zhengyuan Cheng, Zhijie Zhang
69-73 pdf
13. Disturbance factor on the stability of tunnels & It's Stability
Dharashree, Chinmaya Kumar Patra
74-77 pdf
14. Fault Simulation and Parametric Detection of Faults Using Discre tization in Analogue VLSI Circuits
Chakradhar Karan, Debasis Nanda
78-84 pdf
15. Awarness in Information Technology and Computer System
Trilochan Rout, Pravat Kumar Rautray, Arabindadash
85-88 pdf
16. Simulations of cochlear implant signal processing
Subhadip Goswami, Subrat Kumar Panda, Salila Malla
89-102 pdf