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Volume-3 ~ Issue-7 ~ July 2015

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. The design of automatic intelligent home cooking machine based on GSM network
Zheng Lingxiang Lu Jiahua Sun Chen Huang Xinyou
01-07 pdf
2. Development and Implementation of a Washout Algorithm for a 6-dof Motion Platform of Flight Simulator
Wu Jiang, He Fajiang
08-14 pdf
3. Less Conservative Consensus of Multi-agent Systems with Generalized Lipschitz Nonlinear Dynamics
Jian Li , Zhiyang Wu
15-21 pdf
4. Evaluation of Absorbed Dose in Renal Function Studies Due al
I123/I131(hippuran) e In111(DTPA)

Marcial Vásquez, Carlos Castillo, Eduardo Díaz, Raúl Sarachaga, Carlos Cabrera, Gustavo Rojas, Carlos Morgan, KellmanMarin, Yenny Sifuentes
22-25 pdf
5. The optimization and active compensation on the deformation error of the large thin-walled parts
Wang Ning, Hu Jian kun, Mao Jian
26-32 pdf
6. Overview on Thermal Barrier Coatings Application and Development
Ran Li, Min Liang Zhang
33-35 pdf
7. A two DOF spherical parallel platform posture analysis based on kinematic principle
Zhang Erwen, Mao Jian
36-39 pdf
8. Study of Pneumatic Speed Control System with Friction Force Compensation
Ye Yizhou, Wang Wenjin, Chen Xing
40-47 pdf
9. Comparative Computational Modelling of CO2 Gas Emissions for Three Wheel Vehicles
Chidiebere Metu, Sunday Christopher Aduloju, David Agarana, Elizabeth Udeh, Sumaila Onimisi Sheidu
48-55 pdf
10. Measuring Axle Weight of Moving Vehicle Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Zhou Zhi-feng,Wang Chao-yang
56-61 pdf
11. Modeling and Simulation of an Active Disturbance Rejection Controller Based on Matlab/Simulink
YV Wen-bin, YAN Dong
62-69 pdf
12. A Systemic Optimization Approach for the Design of Natural Gas Dehydration Plant
Sunday Christopher Aduloju, Victor Adekunle Adetoro, Priscilla N. Duru, Segun Owolabi, Obumneme Onyedum
70-78 pdf
13. Air Borne Radome Design and Finite Element Method
Binayak Mishra, Kedarnath Hota
79-85 pdf
14. Analysis Active Vibration of Ti-Alloy Gas Turbine Blade Rotation after Grind-Out Repair of Surface Damage
Mir Nasser Hussain, Alina Dash
86-92 pdf
15. Thermoluminescence response through the fabrication of novel microstructured fibers
Kaushik Mohanty, Priya Chandan Satpathy, Jitendra Mishra
93-96 pdf
16. Corrosion Behaviour and Its Experimental Study for Carbon Steel and Reinforcing Bars
Subhasis Sarkar, Sarat Kumar Mishra, Rakesh Sahu
97-101 pdf