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Volume-3 ~ Issue-5 ~ May 2015

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Sustainable development of product service system design based on analytic hierarchy process
Hui Liangļ¼ŒJun Zhou
01-08 pdf
2. Numerical Simulation of Hot Air Drying Kiln Velocity Field Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics
SUN Hui-Hui, YAN Ping, FAN Le-Yang, ZHANG Xin-Yue
09-13 pdf
3. Prevalence Of Urinary Schistosomiasis Among Pupils Attending Primary Schools In Bomo Village, Zaria-Nigeria
Omenesa, H. O, Bishop H.G and Raji, H. M
14-19 pdf
4. Optimizing Shock Models In The Study Of Deteriorating Systems
Sara Modarres Hashemi, Seyed Arash Hashemoghli Sarvha, Nikbakhsh Javadian, Iraj Mahdavi
20-31 pdf
5. A New Mathematical Model for Minimization of Exceptional Load in Cellular Manufacturing Systems
Arash Hashemoghli, Sara Modarres, Bela Vizvari, Iraj Mahdavi
32-40 pdf
6. The application of the SRV in the development of the shale gas
YANG Shuo, LI Peichao, JIANG Xiaolei
41-46 pdf
7. Universal tool microscope automatic control research based on Labview
Lin Peng Peng
47-50 pdf
8. Modeling and Analysis of peritoneal dialysis piping set
XI Chuan-long, WU Jian-min, LIU fei, YANG Jin-ye
51-56 pdf
9. An Automatic Folding System Based on the Research of Quilt Folding
LIN Nan, JIN Xiao-yi, ZHAO He-xiang, SUN Li-bin, CHEN Hua-qiu
57-61 pdf
10. Behavior analysis of multiple views
Preetibala, Dr. Harsh dev
62-63 pdf
1. Finite Element Simulation Analysis of Double Nosing Process in the Assembly of Spherical Plain Bearings
Xiang Luan, Yigang Hu, Youguang Chen
01-07 pdf
2. Converter station water-cooled pump vibration monitoring and condition assessment system based on LabVIEW
Huang Shan, Fang Yu
08-13 pdf
3. An Advanced Automatic Prior Notification of Locomotives And Its Steering Conditions
K.Jonah Ravi, R.China Appala Naidu
14-24 pdf
4. The Data Acquisition and Processing Based on MEMS

Wen Huang, Li Qian
25-32 pdf
5. Comprehensive Review on Base Energy Efficient Routing Protocol
Mr.Atamjit singh, Ms. Gurdeep kaur
33-38 pdf
6. Process RTK Data Based On Kalman Filtering Algorithm
Yi Guan-min and Zhou Zhi-feng
39-45 pdf
7. DNA Barcode of a New Species Insect in Mangrove Ecosystem at Likupang Village, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
James J.H. Paulus, Jantje Pelealu, Max Tulung and Grevo Gerung
46-49 pdf
8. Finite Element Analysis and Optimization Design of the Optical
Path Seat about the Refractometer

Lei Yang-yang, He Kang-hua
50-55 pdf
9. The research progress of agricultural straw crushing machinery and the main problems discussed
QiangHe, Jian-xinQiu
56-60 pdf
10. Evaluation of thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Clay- Silica Sand Blends For Fireclay Bricks Production
BAM, S. A, GUNDU, D. T. and EDEOJA, A. O
61-66 pdf
11. Morphological And Physical Properties Of Four Soils Profiles Developed On Basement Complex In Southwestern Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
U.K. Adamu, Jerome P. Mrema and J.J. Msaky
67-73 pdf
12 Numerical Solution for the Design of a Ducted Axisymmetric Nozzle using Method of Characteristics
Sanjay Kumar Sardiwal, D. Harika Chowdary, Sushma Artham, Sumama Yaqub Ali
74-80 pdf