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Volume-3 ~ Issue-3 ~ March 2015

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Time Truncated Modified Chain Sampling Plan for Selected Distributions
Dr. A. R. Sudamani Ramaswamy, S.Jayasri
01-18 pdf
2. Mechanism Design and Debugging of an Intelligent Rehabilitation Nursing Bed
SUN Qi-fengļ¼ŒCHENG Wu-shan
19-24 pdf
3. Strength Analysis and Optimization Design about the key parts of the Robot
NIU Dong-Ke, JIN Xiao-Yi1, LU Qiu-Hong
25-29 pdf
4. FabricationofThin FilmUsing Modified Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Module
Engr. Mohd Khairul Muzhafar Bin Md Nor, Yasin Bin Yusoff
30-40 pdf
5. Potentiostatic Deposition of ZnO Nanowires: Effect of Applied Potential and ZnCl2Concentration
Abdelhamid El-Shaer, Abeer Ramadan Abdelwahed, M. M. Mosaad, AbdElraouf Tawfik and Dalal Hemada
41-49 pdf
6. An Enhanced & Effective Fall Detection System for Elderly Person Monitoring using Consumer Home Networks
R.Rashya, M.Sindhuja
50-57 pdf
7. Sensor Stick walking aid for the blinds
Lucian Zaratang, Daniel Kimbin
58-60 pdf
8. A Steganography LSB technique for hiding Image within Image Using blowfish Encryption Algorithm
Tawfiq S. Barhoom, Sheren Mohammed Abo Mousa
61-66 pdf
9. The Drill Geometry Influence on PCB Drilling Performance
Huang Lixin, He Xiangsheng
67-73 pdf
10. Heart Disease Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques
Andrea D'Souza
74-77 pdf
11. A Wireless Physiological Monitoring System for Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Chengcheng Lu, Wushan Cheng
78-83 pdf
12. Alert Analysis using Fuzzy Clustering and Artificial Neural Network
Neha Sutar, Jyoti Pingalkar
84-89 pdf
13. ABAQUS simulation for consolidation of saturated soft soil in two-dimensional finite region
XU Zhen-hua, LI Pei-chao
90-94 pdf
14. Jaw crusher kinematics simulation and analysis
Xiaodong Guo, Tao Yang, Caixia Lv, Longmei Dong
95-99 pdf
15. Sintering of Silica-Nickel Nanocomposites
A. K. Pramanick
100-104 pdf