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Volume-3 ~ Issue-2 ~ February 2015

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1. Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of Cretaceous Sediments from Al Bauga Area, Bayuda Desert, River Nile State, Sudan.
Elzien, S.M; Hamed, B.O; Farah, A.A; Al-Imam, O.A.O; Mohamed, A. A; Kheiralla. K.M, And Hussein, A.H
01-09 pdf
3. A Simple and Robust Algorithm for the Detection of QRS Complexes
Shikha Choudhary, S.T. Hamde
19-22 pdf
4. Application and development of numerical simulation technology in Casting
Wang Zexuan, He Tao, Yang Yong, Li Yan
23-28 pdf
5. Distillery Wastewater Decontamination by the Fenton Advanced Oxidation Method
Augustine O. Ayeni, Opeyemi A. Adeeyo, Temitayo E. Oladimeji
29-34 pdf
6. Research of Turbine Flowmeter Performance under the condition of Low Temperature
Yulong Wang,Xiaomin Jiang,Faliang Wang、 Qiang Chen
35-39 pdf
7. Experimental Evaluation of effect of filler on tensile behaviour of E-glass/epoxy composites
Lokesh K.S, Chetan.A
40-44 pdf
8. Detection of Gear Fault Using Vibration Analysis
V.Ranjith Kumar, P. Venkata Vara Prasad, G DIWAKAR
45-53 pdf
9. Beverage industry wastewater treatment with two–stage MBBR plant
L. Falletti, M. Pozza, N. Veggo
54-55 pdf
10 Design Topology of Low Profile Transformer forSlim Adaptor
Pankaj Rajbhoj, Rajshree Sarwdnya
56-64 pdf
11 Antagonistic activity of curd against selected clinical pathogens
Dufaida K.M.
65-66 pdf