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Volume-3 ~ Issue-10 ~ October 2015

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Based on correlation coefficient in image matching
ZHANG Cheng, ZHOU Zhi-feng
01-05 pdf
2. Design and research of CNC platform based on CAN bus
Hui Luo, Xiang Yang Du
06-10 pdf
3. Construction of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition in Shop-level based on Product
Yang Shun Xin, Guo Yun, Li HongMing, Zhou ZhiGuan
11-15 pdf
4. Effect of down step on High-Low Tones in Chinese
Maolin Wang
16-23 pdf
5. Reconstruction of globoidal cam follower motion curve based on B-spline
Yuan Liu1, Yigang Hu
24-28 pdf
6. Exposure rate measurements and radiation control in post
therapy with I131

Marcial Vásquez Arteaga, Carlos Castillo Diestra, Hipólito FloresUrquiaga, Luis Céspedes Caro, Carlos Morgan Noriega, Yenny Sifuentes Díaz, KellmanMarín Rengifo
29-31 pdf
7. A Discrete Algorithm of S-shape Acceleration and Deceleration
Ye Baisheng, Zhang Liqiang
32-35 pdf
8. Semi-global Leaderless Consensus with Input Saturation Constraints via Adaptive Protocols
Zhiyang Wu, Jian Li, Fang Song
36-42 pdf
9. 128 Bit Parallel Prefix Tree Structure Comparator
S. ChandraSekhar, J. Lakshmi Prasanna
43-51 pdf
1. Compilation and Verification of FatigueLoad Spectrum ofHighSpeed Maglev VehicleSwing Rod
Gejun, ZHENG Shu Bin, CHAI Xiao dong, WANG Kun
01-06 pdf
2. Study on Hydraulic Steering System of Automatic Driving Agricultural Machinery
Zheng Lujie, Zhou Zhifeng, Chen Chang, Dai Jiaming, Tao Zhenyi
07-12 pdf
3. Research ball-cutter "S" shaped blade curve model
Yu Yun, Huang Lixin
13-22 pdf
4. Conceptual Fixture Design Method Based On Petri Net
LeiGao, Tenggang Xu
23-27 pdf
5. Outline of Machinery Fault Diagnosis Methed
Zhou Zhi-guan, Guo Yun, Yang Shun-xin, Li Hong-ming
28-34 pdf
6. The research of 6-DOF flight simulator washout filter Control Method
Ding Hao , He Fajiang
35-39 pdf
7. The Antibiotic and Antixenotic Resistance of Some Peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) Varieties after the Organic Fertilizer Application
Henny L. Rampe, Max Tulung, Jantje Pelealu and Semuel D. Runtunuwu
40-44 pdf
8. Reducer intermodulation noise filter for Transmission Systems Amplitude Modulation
45-51 pdf
9. A adaptive compensation processing method of aeronautical aluminum alloy thin walled work piece
Kai Zhang, Liqiang Zhang, Jun Zhang
52-56 pdf
10. A checking fixture design of corrugated pieces in Clutch assembly of automobile gearbox
Donghui Jiang, Xinping Song, Gong Wang
57-62 pdf
11. Simulation study on the fracture splitting process parameters of the large end of the connecting rod of a certain engine
Gong Wang , Xinping Song, Donghui Jiang
63-67 pdf
12. Data Hibernation service and Service Oriented Architecture in Cloud Computing
Elina Pattanaik, Bibhu Prasad Sahu
68-73 pdf
13. Emotional Intelligence and Efficient Utilization of Human Resources
Dipti Ranjan Sahoo, Ashok Kumar Panigrahi
74-77 pdf
14. Elastic cement Mechanical and dynamical properties
Jyotikusum Acharya, Raghupatruni Bhima Rao, Raushan Gupta
78-90 pdf
15. Extension and Strength Properties Of Cement Containing Reused Solid Total
Saleema Panda, Murari Prasad Panda, Kankanmandal
91-106 pdf